HID Global - Developer Services - developer services

By: Hid Global  11-11-2011

Introducing the industry’s first developer services offering for products using the HID' Global's embedded reader platforms. HID is committed to the developer community and want to make it easier for customers to leverage HID’s embedded technologies and industry expertise, reduce development costs, and accelerate the product integration, test and certification process by offering a unique set of modular services.

Developers using HID’s cashless payment (veriCLASS™) or e-Government (identiCLASS™) embedded reader platforms can now choose from predefined service packages that simplify and speed product design and development.

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HID Global - Developer Services - credential programs

The HID SIO (Secure Identity Object™) is a data model for storing and transporting identity information in a single object.


HID Global - Developer Services - iclass elite

When using iCLASS contactless smart card technology, the iCLASS Elite Program offers security professionals a custom authentication key that provide increase to their existing security. HID assigns the key to guarantee uniqueness, and programs the site-specific readers and credentials for organizations to use across the enterprise worldwide. Credential Programs - iCLASS Elite and SE Elite.


HID Global - Developer Services - standard

HID Global Standard Services package offers technical support, return merchandise authorization and training through the HID Academy, and is part of the services offered to all HID Global customers. Developer Services - Standard Program.