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By: Helivac  11-11-2011


  • Advanced paramedics
    • Specialists in pre-hospital care
    • Rescue, stabilise and treat patients in the pre-hospital setting

FLIGHT doctors and advanced paramedics require:

  • Two years post graduate experience with the following courses -
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support™
  • Advanced / International Trauma Life Support™
  • Aviation Health Care Provider™
  • Paediatric Advanced Life Support™
  • SA CAT OPS 138 and ground school compliance

In addition doctors are required to attend to ten priority-one patients, in the pre-hospital setting, with an experienced paramedic prior to being considered for flight crew applications.

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Emergency Medical Helicopter Services South Africa - products

Helivac Assist does not only save vital minutes in attending to the victim, it also provides additional relevant information, which includes; photographs for easy identification, medical aid details, allergies and next-of-kin details.. Helivac Assist provides paramedics with swift and essential patient information based on any number of personal items belonging to the member, such as an ID book, cell phone number or car registration plate.