Customer Interface Unit (CIU

By: Hefcom  11-11-2011

HEFCOM Customer Interface Unit (CIU)


 Customer Interface Unit:- 

1.      Meter reading - AMR (Consumption: Electricity(kWh), Water(l) and Gas(m³))

3.      Pre-pay and post-pay utility services (Electricity-, Water-, Gas- and Basic Utility     Services)

4.     The management system support online firmware upgrades to CIU

7.     The CIU support text messages to consumers from the service provider

8.      The CIU support debt recovery management to support service providers regarding        consumer accounts  (Rent, taxes, debtors accounts, etc)

9.       The CIU support funds transfers between service provider accounts

11.     Active monitoring of utility services availability with alerts to consumer via

      management system

12.    S upports a single electricity meter at one time and multiple demand controllers

13.     Time-of-Use enabled

14.     STS Compliant for all pre-paid service s

15.     All service accounts is currency based

16. The CIU is powered from mains or two AA batteries

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Management System

The mapping of the electricity grid with distribution points/nodes is displayed in hierarchical manner with the option to expand and drill down from the highest level of distribution to the lowest level of service delivery. The measurement at each consumer is calculated and summed at each distribution node in order to manage the total demand per distribution node up to the level of street kiosk, mini-sub, sub-station, etc.