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By: Heart Mark  11-11-2011

The retailers responded:
SA’s largest retailers respond:
Shoprite Group spokeswoman Sarita van Wyk said its shops stock a number of items at its till points including healthy snack options, and stock and merchandise products according to consumer demand. Finally, Shoprite respects the consumer’s right to choose as determined by the Consumer Protection Act.
Pick n Pay’s spokeswomen, Tamra Veley, said it too offered a wide variety of goods based on consumer demand and that goods sold at checkout counters are often seen as impulse purchases. She concluded that it is accepted practice worldwide to offer an assortment of items at checkout counters and Pick n Pay’s goods are not limited to confectionery items. Furthermore, Pick n Pay did trial the removal of confectionary from checkout counters but received very vocal and sustained feedback from customers that they reintroduced these products. Pick n Pay endeavours to make healthy options more available to the public.

As vigilant promoters of heart health, lets unite and ensure that retailer start stocking heart healthy treats at till points too.

As an individual or business, are you complying?

The Heart and Stroke Foundation South Africa (HSFSA)
is extremely pleased to inform you that our application to continue the HM food endorsement programme in terms of the Regulations relating to the Labelling and Advertising of Foodstuffs (R146 of March 2010) has been approved! Your HM endorsed products can therefore continue carrying the HM logo.


As of 1 March 2012,

all labels must conform to the new (R146) labelling regulations. These regulations, introduced by the Department of Health (DOH), impose stricter controls on product information on all labels and are intended to bring more transparency to the consumer market. The reforms will be enforced through a self-regulating system, where industry and competitors are encouraged to report each other for non-compliance.

New trans-fat labelling regulations (R127)

relating to


-fat in foodstuffs were published in the government gazette on 17 February 2011 and come into effect six (6) months after publication.

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