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By: Health In Motion  11-11-2011

I know that I need to change …. I even know what needs to change. What I don’t know is HOW.

What in my life is creating barriers or obstacles that prevent me from breaking old habits and making the changes that I know are needed?
Why do I never seem to have time or energy to do what needs to be done?
Why have my previous attempts to change failed… often despite numerous attempts?
Why do I give up trying?
What frightens me most about making changes? Are my irrational fears damaging my
confidence, self image and self esteem?
In what way have my hopes, ambitions and values been compromised? Have I resigned
myself to the fact that change is impossible and that forces beyond my control have caused me to abandon my goals?

Life Coaching provides you with the opportuity to answer these questions and to regain control.

What is a Life Coach?
Coaching is a solution-based approach to personal development that can help you to make lasting change in all areas of your life.
Coaches facilitate this change by empowering you with specific tools and techniques to address your unique requirements. Your coach will act as a mentor, facilitator and guide to assist you in taking life-improving actions necessary to regain control of the future and to reach your goals.
At Health in Motion we don’t provide psychological therapy or prescribe a course of action. Instead your coach will help you “unpack” and understand the situation you are facing and the reasons for your current choices, reactions and responses. Your coach will assist you in developing your own goals and desired outcomes and guide you in deciding on an action plan to get you there. Your coach will help you make decisions and develop sustainable solutions that work for you.

How does Life Coaching work?
An Introductory meeting: This will give you an opportunity to get to know your coach and to gain a better understanding of the coaching process. This meeting will also give your coach an opportunity to get to know you and the areas of your life that you want to develop, change and improve.
Coaching sessions: Coaching is not a quick-fix solution and will take commitment, discipline and dedication. Our experience has taught us that a minimum of six sessions is required to start making significant progress and change. Each coaching session will last for 90 minutes.
Lifestyle demands are now, more than ever testing our capabilities to live meaningful, happy and healthy lives.

Life Coaching at Health in Motion will give the opportunity to stop, think about and plan the changes that you believe need to be made in order to better cope.

Life Coaching Prices

Orientation: R 400 (60 mins)
6 Sessions (over 3 months) R 650 per session (90 mins)
12 Sessions (over 3 months) R 600 per session (90 mins)

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