By: Headway Natal  11-11-2011
Keywords: Therapy, Physiotherapy, Brain Injury

At Headway we focus on two main areas:
  • Rehabilitation
  • Occupational Activity Programme.

Our services are only available to individuals who have sustained an Acquired Brain Injury i.e. motor vehicle accident, gunshots, hypoxia, stroke and any other trauma to the brain. We only cater for individuals over the age of 18.The process one follows after such a trauma is to contact us – (numbers will appear on the contact page). We will request a Doctors referral letter confirming the injury and treatment that the patient has been given. Once these details have been received by us we will make the necessary arrangements for the assessment process to begin. (Explanation: The assessment process allows us to determine where the patient is at in terms of recovery and how we can move forward in terms of therapy.) This is where our Therapists become involved. After the assessments have been completed the Therapist discuss their finding and recommendations. Based on their finding s the therapy process is mapped out and started. During the entire process from booking to the therapy process the family will be offered information and support.Direct Services offered:Physiotherapy (including Hydrotherapy)A physiotherapist is a health professional who assists in the healing process using physical methods such as exercise, joint mobilisation, electrical treatment, lung techniques, hydrotherapy and many other modalities.
In the neuro-rehabilitation situation a physiotherapist will use whatever techniques assist the brain and spinal cord to recover function lost by injury or disease. The consequences of the problem are also addressed, e.g. loss of mobility in joints, muscles and the need for special splints, walking aids and carer training. The fitness of the patient also receives attention as persons with reduced mobility are vulnerable to weight gain which can lead to serious medical problems. The main goal of physiotherapy is to encourage as much independent function as possible.
The physiotherapist forms an integral part of a patient's support structure and the therapy team who deal with other related aspects of the patient's and the family's rehabilitation.Occupational TherapyAn Occupational Therapist is a health care professional who uses therapeutic activities to improve areas of dysfunction while assisting the patient to regain independence in activities of daily living through new techniques or assistive devices.When treating a person with an acquired brain injury the OT assists in improving physical, cognitive and social areas of difficulty. The OT helps the person achieve more independence and improves the quality of life through individual programme, group programme and activities.Speech TherapyThe role of a Speech and Language Therapist (SLT) is to assess and treat speech, language and communication problems in people to enable them to communicate to the best of their ability. They help to indentify the client’s strengths and weaknesses in order to plan interventions which aim to increase functional abilities. They may also work with people who have eating and swallowing problems.Clinical PsychologyThe cognitive consequences of an acquired brain injury are often underestimated, yet they can impact on all aspects of functioning. Areas covered in Clinical Psychology include intellectual functioning, language and verbal abilities, visual-motor and visual spatial processing, performance, sequential memory and academic achievement. Psychological tests identify subtle effects much more readily than physical methods such as scans - important as these are.Occupational Activity Programme:Headway-Natal offers an Occupational Activity Programme. Our programme is arranged and facilitated by our Occupational Therapy Department. The programme offers a wide range of activities for example beadwork, pottery, fabric painting and sewing. The aim of the programme is to give our clients stimulation in the form of activity , to assist with independent and to help re-spark interest that they have lost.Training and Development:
Headway has embarked on a training initiative to train carers and other professionals on the correct management of the clients we serve. Support Groups offered:T.B.I support group (Traumatic Brain Injury)
Carers / family members
Zulu-speaking carers / family members
Social Stroke Group
Telephonic Support

Keywords: Brain Injury, Physiotherapy, Therapy