By: Haulmore  11-11-2011
Keywords: Vehicles, Tipper

Our Tipper Technology

We are leading the way in tipper technology by implementing the road trains side tippers, which has revolutionised the handling of bulk materials. The side tippers allow fast, safe and economical handling of all bulk materials. These specialised vehicles can handle all of your needs quickly and efficiently. These vehicles can handle all types of materials with different relative density.


Safety First

The risk of a rollover is greatly reduced with the Side Tipper. The unique body geometry means 70% of the payload is inboard of the wheels even at full tip. High stability means greater safety - especially on uneven ground.

Side Tipper is Pollution Free

Worried about product losses through body leakage or seepage? Forget it! With no doors or hinges and a single piece water tight body construction there is no valuable payload or roadside pollution making the Side Tipper ideal for valuable and toxic loads.

  • Quick on-the-move side tip action means no truck queuing or congestion
  • Tip compact load onto ground while virtually stationary
  • Retrieve the tipping action at any point for precision partial tipping
  • Spread the load uniformly in virtually any thickness
  • Fewer vehicles
  • Fewer Drivers
  • More trips per shift
  • Reduce capital and operating cost of stockpile systems due to reduced pad size requirements
  • Good for use in tight spots
  • No backing up
  • Perfect for stockpiling where a lot of material has to be moved quickly
  • Reduces the need for grading
  • The driver stays in his cabin and on the job

Keywords: Tipper, Vehicles