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By: Harley Davidson Club Of Cape Town  11-11-2011

Greetings and Salutations to you all,


It is indeed a privilege for me to be given the honour of writing this Chirp for the Bumper Edition of our awesome magazine on this occasion of the HDCCT’s 15th birthday. The vision of Craig Wessels created this unbelievable brotherhood of like-minded people who have become such close friends over the years.

In the last week we have gathered all the committee members over this extended period of 15 years to take a group photo which will be published in this mag. How wonderful it was to see all those familiar faces who have gone into hiding. Please come back and enjoy the camaraderie, which you have been partly responsible for creating. Also Grant, Julie and I sat one full day and went thru every magazine since 1996 to choose articles and photographs to be published in this Collective Edition. We have done our best and hope that our choices meet with your approval. Again when I went thru the 15 years of history all those wonderful memories came gushing back and we hope it does the same for you all.

A huge thank you to Grant Wood for putting together this wonderful magazine, which will certainly be treasured, by all of us for years to come. And to Julie Knutsen for organizing such an awesome party for us to all celebrate these 15 years.

This magazine is thick enough without me saying anymore but to leave you with a quote from Hunter S. Thompson which I dedicate to all those wonderful people from this “Best Harley Davidson Club in the World” who have helped me understand and live these words

“Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming, 'Wow! What a Ride! “

Luv u all



2. Probationary Members will be introduced at the next applicable club meeting.

3. All Probationary Members must thereafter complete, 2 club rides, 2 club events (which includes club meetings) & 1 overnight club sanctioned event, to qualify for full membership.

4. Please keep your Probationary Membership card, as issued, updated with your activities and this must be submitted to the Committee for an approval review.

5. Once the Committee has approved you as a Full Member you will be announced as a Full Member at the next club meeting and awarded your club 'Colours'.


At the AGM held on 13 March 2010, it was resolved that the subs for the year ending 29 Feb 2012 will increase to R1400 a year for Main Members and R700 a year for Rider Partners (a spouse or partner that rides his/her own bike).  There is no fee for non-rider partners.  This is a fairly large increase of 17% on your annual subs, but please bear in mind that there was no increase in subs for the previous year.  The Club offers fantastic benefits in return such as the clubhouse, monthly magazine, food at club meetings, subsidised events and parties.

Subs for the year ending 29 Feb 2012 are due by 31 March 2011

HDCCT, Nedbank, Constantia

Branch code : 101109

Account no : 1011028670

Reference: Surname, initials and "subs"

Probationary members please advise the Secretary / Membership Officer, Sean Neethling, once the requirements for full membership have been met.  The requirements are 2 club rides, 2 club events (e.g. club meeting) and 1 overnight event (e.g. Knynsna Oyster Festival).  Full members will be announced at the club meeting, awarded the club colours and may vote.

Thank you!

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