Hanna's Teddy Bear Hospital

By: Hanna Bruce Bears  11-11-2011

Teddy & Stuffed Animal Repairs & Custom Restoration

Do you have a well loved teddy bear or stuffed animal from your childhood that you would like restored to its former self?   Do you want them cleaned up, restitched, restuffed, an eye or nose replaced because it is missing one?  Or does he need fur, new arm or leg joints, or a music box?

Or has your bear or stuffed animal met the new dog in the house and now he is missing a limb, or his face or body was mauled? 

Are you a collector, and your bear needs cleaned, some stuffing added or needs some general repair work?  

Our patients range in age present day to 100+ years old.  We take care of each and every one of them like they are one of our own.

I have worked on Steiff, Merrythought, Hermann, Gund, Ideal, Ty, Boyd's Bears, to name a few..and all sorts of other bears and stuffed toys from all over the world.  

I specialize in dog mauling cases, restorations and re-coverings.

We are accepting admitting forms for new patients and providing estimates.  We are booking for March - April 2012.


Below is Duck Bear from Richardson, Texas. He was one of my original first customers here and He is my "web mascot"! He is loving his restored look and is smiling again!  He is only 6 inches tall.   He is a very sweet bear with a big heart!

 (Before his repairs)  (After his repairs)

Duck Bear on his most recent trip to Hawaii!
I will get your bear up and going in no time!   They will love you for it!