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By: Handsome Consulting  11-11-2011



Laboratory Environment - Price R350

Office Environment - Price R150

Industrial / Manufacturing / Workshop Environment - Price R350

When buying these products you will receive a hard copy as well as an Excel electronic version, which you personally can change to suit your environment. “HOW TO” notes are also supplied that explains how to: conduct an audit, write an audit report, use the HANDSOME Consulting SHEQ protocol and SHE checklists and how to use the software provided to obtain results and draw conclusions that can be used to set objectives, goals and targets to improve safety in the organisation. All prices include VAT and registered postage. When ordering the total product that includes all 4 protocols it will cost less 30% on the total price.

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HANDSOME Consulting - services

For the contractor - I can act as your Health & Safety and/or Environmental Officer or provide assistance to set up SHE File & Plan. Hazard Identification via Health & Safety Inspections (Step 1 in the SHE Risk Management Process). Training on various topics in Occupational Health & Safety. Assistance to set up an Emergency Evacuation Route. Assisting to set up an Emergency Response Plan.