By: Hamma Equipment  11-11-2011

We offer engines for any ground based mechanical driven application and are also able to offer the most cost effective solutions even to our customers with limited budgets on account of the fact that we use end of service, quality and service life gaurenteed aero/marine-derivative engines that are in overhauled condition ready to service our customers wide range of ground based applications.

When it comes to a power demand of above 1000 Kilowatts, a gas turbine driven generator/machine is the only right choice. Multiple systems in a ring configuration offer a great deal of flexibility and less fuel consumption. Multiple fuels like diesel, kerosene, natural gas, flare gas or methane are no problem we also have solutions for the use of alternate fuels. Our universal Power Packs are 4 times lighter, and 6 times more compact on average, compared to piston engine Power Packs in the same power range.

We are able to apply several brands and types like Rolls Royce, General Electric, Walter, Snecma and Klimov, for driving our Power Packs. The applied reduction gearboxes can be provided in any reduction ratio.

Other products and services from Hamma Equipment


Heavy Duty Grabs | Hamma Equipment

The grapple aims to maximize productivity with its high closing force and design, guaranteeing that the blades properly penetrate the material to be loaded. The HAMMA 6 blade grapple has been specially designed with a horizontal cylinder position to enable a lower structure.


Metal Pipe Cutter | Hamma Equipment

With interchangeable cutting nozzles and cutting unit portability, the Metal Pipe Cutter can ensure accurate pipe positioning and cutting based on its size and thickness. Our unique system is capable of processing large volumes of steel pipes in the least amount of time resulting in minimal effort with maximum output. Reducing large volumes of metal pipes is what our Metal Pipe and Rail Cutter does best.


Smokless Burn Box | Hamma Equipment

Used for burning of ferrous and non-ferrous metals with residues or coatings, the Smokeless Burn Box consists of a custom sized building encasing a shaker table run by two motors. The shaker table has interchangeable grid boxes; ensuring the ease of loading product of varying heat and thus ensuring continuous burn production.


Metal Shredder | Hamma Equipment

Our metal shredder is designed to be used in a wide variety of metal processing applications, the shredder crushes car scrap, mixed metal scrap, aluminium scrap and sheet scrap of varying qualities and conditions. Through technical expertise and the latest technology, our design ensures that your shredder delivers maximum output with minimum down time.