Roof Maintenance

By: Halo Roof  11-11-2011
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It's important to maintain your roof and gutters. It gives longevity and prevents from having to replace an entire new roof or gutter system. Weight caused by dirt build-up will cause gutters to bend and leak. Sprouting seeds - especially in springtime - can fuel the problem. At Halo Roofing we offer a professional roof and gutter cleaning service. It is an affordable way to get your roof looking good and your gutters fully functional. It will only take a few hours and as an added benefit you will get a diagnosis of your roof from the hand of a professional.

  • The importance of diagnosis:

An annual checkup is important as the build-up of salt and dirt encourages rust on steel roofs, and moss and lichen on tiled roofs. Most manufacturer warranties require regular washing, particularly in areas that don't get rain- washed. Water ponding can also be recognized at an early stage as this is one of the most common reasons for leaking roofs and gutters. Trees can cause many problems for roofs of all types. Overhanging branches can scratch and gouge roofing materials when blown by the wind; falling branches can damage or puncture shingles and other roofing materials; and falling leaves can clog gutters causing water to backup or run down behind the fascia.

Just like any other roofing material, tile must be maintained to keep it fully functional and looking good. Left to itself, your tile roof will grow heavy moss and fungi on its edges and surface. The moss buildup between the tiles will cause poor drainage and can cause cracking. This problem can also be amplified by extreme weather conditions, with sunny summers and cold winters. In windy areas tiles can lift or shift slightly over time, leading to small leaks, which in turn can give way to bigger leaks. We can take care of roof repairs and replacement of broken or damaged tiles and ridge caps.

Just as your roof or even more so, your gutters are in need of seasonal cleaning and maintanance. Dirt build-up can cause gutters to bend and leak. Please look at the 'gutter installatoin' section for more information.

Even small leaks can cause serious damage if not repaired. If you have a leak in the roof, accurate diagnosis of the problem and professional repair is essential. We take the time to pinpoint the source of the leak. If we know where the leak is coming from the repair is generally less expensive and success is much more likely.

While we're at it……we can keep your house, walls, concrete and deck areas looking new and free of dirt and debris! We use high quality moss termination and prevention products together with our cleaning systems. .

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