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By: H.r. Connections  11-11-2011
Keywords: Skills Development, Training Programmes



“All employers are required to appoint a Skills Development Facilitator (SDF) to become compliant with the provisions of the Skills Development Act.

The appointment of the Skills Development Facilitator is key, not only to the claiming of the relevant grants, but also to ensure the smooth progression of the organisation into the world of training and development”
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In the capacity as the appointed Skills Development Facilitator H R Connections performs the following functions:

  • Assist the client and the staff with the development of a workplace skills plan.
  • Submit the workplace skills plan to the relevant SETA
  • Advise the client on the implementation of the workplace skills plan.
  • Assist the client with the drafting of an annual training report against the approved workplace skills plan.
  • Advise the client on the quality assurance requirements as set by the relevant SETA.
  • We serve as a contact person between the employer and the relevant SETA

Advantages of Appointing a Skills Development Facilitator (SDF)

Whether you pay R50 or R5000 a month as a Skills Development Levy, you are entitled to get back a portion of the money you have paid.

For every R100 paid each month you can claim:

  • R50 for doing what you said you would do in your WSP (Workplace Skills Plans).
  • R20 will be deposited in the discretionary fund with all unclaimed money of other companies and is available to you if you participate in the different discretionary grant funding window.
  • R20 is forwarded to the Department of Labor’s National Skills Fund.
  • R10 is used for administration purposes.

Please note:
Only companies that have submitted workplace skills plans are entitled to claim the implementation and cash grants. Skills development levies paid by employers who did not submit the relevant grant applications before the due dates will not qualify for the grants in that particular year.


H R Connections is not a training company; we have established networks and relationships with various specialist and innovative training providers, which enables us to offer our clients a single point of contact for all your training needs.

We believe that gone are the days in finding clients for training programmes instead we find training programmes for our clients

How it works:

Step 1
The Client communicates to H R Connections their detailed training requirements. This can be done via e-mail, fax or on-line. Information should include:

  • Training Objectives
  • Specified training content
  • Number of learners
  • Level of Skill
  • Budget
  • Other -

Step 2
The H R Connections consultant will do a search of the network and assess the potential courses against the client’s criteria.

Step 3
H R Connections will submit a detailed course / programme comparison. (Usually 3 qualified choices) – The comparisons will reflect, course content, costs, objectives and an evaluation of the service provider.

Step 4
Once a programme has been chosen, H R Connections together with the client agree a budget to procure the training.

Step 5
H R Connections plan and co-ordinate the running of the training programme – (serve as the contact person-between the Training vendor and the Client).

Step 6
Once the training programme has been completed, we provide management information on the training results.

Our network of strategic partners enables us to provide our clients with a portfolio of managed training solutions.

1.Customised Training Courses
2.Public Training Courses
3.In-house Project Training Programmes
- Health and Wellness Programmes
- Achieving a culture of Customer Centricity
4.Occupational Health and Safety

Effective training and development of staff leads to more productive workers, greater personal satisfaction, job enrichment and a feeling among employees that the organisation is interested in their advancement. We believe that Training and Development programs should be geared to the needs of the employees as well as those of the organisation.


H R Connections assist clients in designing and implementing internal project training programmes.

Together with the client, we evaluate the training needs / requirements, source the best possible training providers, design and implement the training programmes.

Examples of programmes that could be implement into your organisation:

1. Health and Wellness programmes

The Wellness programme can incorporate all dates on the Health Observance Calendar.

Some of the dates include:

  • International Day of action for Woman’s Health
  • World No Tobacco day
  • Breast Cancer Awareness Week
  • Worlds AIDS Day

2. Customer Centricity in the organisation

Ensuring customer service standards are followed throughout the company.

Develop short 1-hour courses, which will be branded for the company:

  • Telephone Skills
  • Business writing
  • Business Etiquette etc

Benefit to staff and company

  • Increases knowledge and Awareness
  • Company becomes more employee-centric focused – this will enhance the companies’ credibility and will improve goodwill and motivation amongst employees.

Keywords: Skills Development, Training Programmes