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By: Gvn Labour  11-11-2011
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• 24 Hour support.
• Value for your money.
• We highlight costs thus ensuring "Correct pricing" when submitting your "Tender Package"
• We prevent loss of managerial and productive time.
• You will have direct access to expert advice and attendance.
• We will implement in your workplace all necessary disciplinary and grievance procedures.
• You will have Employment Contracts and policies which protect your rights.
• Working Safety Policies and Procedures
• Harmonious and Productive workforce
• Practical hints for employers about the dos and don'ts of labour relations
• We can also arrange representation at the CCMA.
• We help you solve existing problems before it affects your company's bank balance.

Designing Policies
• Designing policies as requested by the Employer on:
Aids, Alcohol & Drugs, Bursaries & Scholarship, Business Travel, Car Allowance, Cell Phones, Certificate of Service, Conditions of Employment, Termination of Employment, Corrective Action, Disability and Incapacity, Disciplinary Procedures, Dispute Resolution, Educational Assistance Scheme for Employees, Employment Equity, Grievance Handling, Induction, Industrial Relations, Internship & Graduates, Long Service, Medical Aid, Occupational Health and Safety, Performance Reward, Recruitment and Selection, Remuneration, Retrenchment and Job Security, Sexual Harassment, Smoking, Transfer and Relocation, Union Recognition, etc

Strike Management
• Design a Site Specific Strike Management Plan for the Employer.
• Assistance with contingency planning, strike diaries, legality of action taken by employers, and settlement negotiations.
• What to do when faced with a strike, protected or unprotected
• Ultimatums to be issued to striking workers

Department of Labour
• Handle Department of Labour matters on behalf of the employer.

Union Negotiations
• Recognition or Site Specific agreement negotiations and agreement contracts.
• Conduct of wage negotiations with unions and conflict resolution on behalf of the Employer

Training in Procedure
• Training of employers, managers and supervisors in the correct procedures to Disciplinary; Grievance and Dispute Resolution; Recruitment and Demobilisation Procedures etc.

• A newsletter each month that will inform you about any changes in labour legislation with practical advice on how to apply it in the workplace.
• Information about interesting court cases ( Case studies)

Chair Disciplinary Hearings
• Our Consultants will act as chairperson at disciplinary inquiries .
• We also provide and complete the necessary forms, such as a notice to appear in a disciplinary inquiry, written warnings and dismissal letters.

Payroll Assistance
• Salary / Wage Administration
• TAX (including IRP 5 Returns)
• Legal submission and administration of PAYE, SDL and UIF
• Basic Earnings and Deductions
• Payslips
• Payment of third parties e.g. union deductions
• Analyzing of all current policies
• Arbitration awards;
• Assessing
• Collective agreements;
• Determinations made in terms of the Wage Act;
• Determining HR strategy and philosophy
• Determining major HR needs
• Employee contracts and letters of appointment;
• General company policy document and code of conduct
• Identify vacancies
• Incentive schemes;
• Induction training
• Industrial training records;
• Initial screening
• Interviewing
• Maternity leave policy;
• Plan to meet numerical targets
• Records of foreign employees;
• Records of strikes, lockouts or protest action.
• Recruitment
• Salary and wages register;
• Staff loan schemes;
• Staff records (after date of employment ceases);
• Study assistance schemes;

workshops / courses

We offer various courses listed below including Unit Standard 10170 'Understanding Employment Relations"

Are you wasting time and money at the CCMA?
We can assist and train your Management and Supervisory staff in the correct procedures to discipline and dismiss etc. (For all sectors/ industries)

• Strike Management
• Negotiation Skills and Conflict Management
• Relations building in the Workplace
• Industrial Relations Awareness.
• Preparation for and presentation of Disciplinary Hearings.
• Chairing Disciplinary hearings.
• Dealing with Poor Performance and Incapacity in the workplace.
• Understanding the CCMA, Mediation, Conciliation and Arbitration processes.
• Managing Absenteeism.
• Summarising the Basic Conditions of Employment Act (BCEA)
• Dealing with AIDS/HIV in the workplace.
• Supervisory Development.
• Safety Leadership programmes
• HIRA Training
• HSE Representatives
• OSH Act and regulations
• Incident Investigation
• Safety in the Workplace
• Office Etiquette
• Customer Focus

You'll be guided every step of the way through procedures by following our comprehensive instructions and numerous checklists.

• Occupational Health Safety Act
• Advise and assist Company`s to comply with provisions of Occupational Health and Safety act.
• Design a Site Specific Safety Management Plan for the Employer.
• Conduct Safety Audits at the request of the Employer
• Reporting Procedures
• Assist with all relevant HSE appointments
• Design and implement HS policies and procedures
• Design and facilitate an evacuation policy and procedure for the Employer
• Construction regulations
• Assist Contractors with costing prior to tender submissions

You'll be guided every step of the way through procedures by following our comprehensive instructions and numerous checklists.

•HR Assistance
•Skills Development Act
•Advice with regard to Skills Development Act.
• Employment Equity Act
• Assistance to designated employers with initiation of plans and reports as required by the Employment Equity Act
You'll be guided every step of the way through procedures by following our comprehensive instructions and numerous checklists.

• Assistance with regard to recruitment, counselling, disciplinary hearings, dismissals, retrenchments, restructuring, appeal hearings, and demobilisations etc.
• Conduct IR Audits
• Design an IR Management plan to suit the Employers Industry/Clients requirements
• Detail Labour cost breakdown for Tendering purposes
• Labour relations consequences of mergers and acquisitions: includes movement and placement of employees, dispute resolution in respect of transfer and migration of employees, dismissal for operational reasons
• changes to terms and conditions of employment, voluntary severance packages and severance pay.
• Various Workshops for Line Management; Shop stewards; HR/IR Managers i.e. Chairing a disciplinary hearing; How to effectively handle a Disciplinary and Grievance; Shop steward Training; IR at the Workplace; Summarising the Basic Conditions of Employment etc
• Design Strike Management Plan for Employers
• Assist and advise Employers with Collective Agreement negotiations

You'll be guided every step of the way through procedures by following our comprehensive instructions and numerous checklists.

• Intensive Entry and Exit Medical examinations
• Lung-Function test
• Drug Testing
• VCT's (AIDS Screening)
• Vision Screening
• Medical Surveillance
• Biological Monitoring on Request
• Audiometery
• One-stop first injury service
• By using our services you reduce risk of DI cases and WCA insurance premiums
• Supply injury statistics
• Occupational disease referral to an occupational health practitioner
• In-capacity case management and WCA administration upon request

Keywords: employment

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