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GuardBuddi InTouch  (GuardSpot) from Guardbuddi

By: Guardbuddi  06-06-2012
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Introduction to the FREE GuardBuddi InTouch Service.


InfoMax is proud to introduce one of its latest practical, innovative, and modern day InTouch designs … GuardBuddi …another weapon in this country’s constant fight against crime.

In today’s fast lifestyle, people have become used to being in constant contact and having the ability to control and conduct their business or personal needs quickly, and effectively via all the technological devices available today.


The internet, cell phones, emails and internet banking are but a few of the devices that have brought the outside world as close as a “click” away.

People have grown accustomed to the comfort and the peace of mind that these services provide, especially those that inform you concerning your personal safety or that of your personal assets. Take banks for example, each time there is any activity in your account an SMS is sent to your cell phone so you are aware of exactly what is going on should there be a breach.

Daily we are faced with situations where you will leave your car unattended in a public parking area, for example shopping malls, where your car will be left vulnerable to theft or even accidental damage.
During these unattended periods, the only person you can hope to rely on is the Car Guard watching over your car. Statistics have shown that car theft from parking lots have dropped since the introduction of these guards. But is it enough just having them patrol the area without being able to get in touch with you in case of an incident involving your car?

What happens, if in your absence, your have left your headlights on? What if someone reverses into your car, bumps it with a trolley or even smashes the window? What if the alarm is triggered and sounding continuously?


Until now you would have only found this out several hours later when returning to your vehicle. If you are lucky, the culprit who reversed into your vehicle may have left his/her contact details, more likely though, they won’t. Unfortunately by now too, if the lights had been left on, your battery will have been drained flat.


A solution would be to leave your number with the car guard, but there is always the issue of privacy, and you certainly wouldn’t want to have several strangers having access to your private cell number.

GuardBuddi is the answer.. By simply registering with GuardBuddi, we will link your vehicle’s registration number to your cell phone number. Should a Car Guard need to contact you he/she will then SMS your registration number to our SMS Server Database and GuardBuddi will automatically contact you via SMS to notify you that you are urgently required at your vehicle.
The incoming message will include the guard’s cell number so you can call him/her if you so wish.
With GuardBuddi your number will always remain private and anonymous. It will not be divulged to the guard … You will be contacted directly by the GuardBuddi SMS server.

Should you then wish to call the guard for further details the onus will be on you to hide your caller ID, thus further ensuring your total privacy and anonymity.

You can now shop assured knowing that GuardBuddi will contact you if and when you are needed at your vehicle. Remember only registered users will be notified, so don’t delay, register with GuardBuddi today!
GuardBuddi guarantees the total privacy of your information, your cell phone number as well as vehicle registration number.

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You can log onto our website at any time for more information and announcements. For your convenience we have also designed a mobile site for easy browsing from your cell phone. ()


How can this be a FREE service, other than the once-off sms for registration?

This system was designed to be free to our registered users except for the once-off sms for registration. All revenue gets generated by means of sponsors.
All call-out messages will be accompanied by an advertising message from our sponsor and this forms part of our terms and conditions when you sign up and register for this fantastic FREE service.

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