Granite/Marble kitchen tops and tiles

Granite/Marble kitchen tops and tiles from Granite City

By: Granite City  03-07-2011
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 Granite is made of materials such as feldspar, quartz, mica etc. Granite is unique as it is made up of an evolution of many phases. Because granite does not contain chemicals, as some other stones do. Granite is a hard quality stone and is therefore extremely durable. Granite is easy to maintain as it is scratch, stain, heat and moisture resistant. Granite can be found in many different colours, textures and patterns. Thus allowing a vast variety of applications both in commercial buildings and in the home and adds value to every property that features it.  

Marble is a non foliated metamorphic rock resulting from the metamorphism of limestone, composed mostly of calcite. Marble has become a cultural symbol of tradition and refined taste. Its extremely varied and colourful patterns make it a favourite decorative material that adds a touch of class to the home and office.  There are many kinds of marble tiles for house owners to choose from each with their own distinct features. It's beauty lies in the way light penetrates several millimetres into the stone before being scattered out, resulting in the characteristic "waxy" look.

Keywords: granite and marble, Kitchen Tops, Sales Staff