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By: 360 Pics  11-11-2011
Keywords: Panoramas, Remote Control Unit

Exceptional care is taken during all steps of the process and quality relies heavily on our expert post production, including image editing, assembly, color balance corrections, restoring scene details in highlights and shadows and other miscellaneous retouching.

360 Panoramic PhotographyWe are able to produce 360° panoramas and make use of state of the art equipment and software. Panoramas can either be flat for printing purposes or can be integrated into a virtual tour. These can also be hosted on our 360 hosting server and a link can be provided to you for ease of use. Elevated Pole PhotographyWith 'Elevated Photography' we shoot from ground level using ground-based equipment. All we need is enough floor area to park our vehicle or, if there is no vehicular access, around 4 sq metres to erect our portable tripod. By using our extendable telescopic mast we can take shots at any height up to 15m (50ft). A motorised pan and tilt head is fitted to the top of the mast with a high resolution digital camera attached. This assembly is connected to a laptop computer and remote control unit on the ground so we have total control over zoom, pan, tilt, exposure, speed, etc., all at ground level and, most importantly, we can view the live image on the hi-res computer screen before taking the final shot. This means we can 'fine tune' the shot live on screen before we take it. If clients want specific features included they are able to see them live on screen.

Keywords: Panoramas, Remote Control Unit

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These images are mainly panoramic created using multiple images stitched together and merged using HDR. They are all super hi-res and can reach file sizes well into hundreds of GB's. Welcome to the Landscape Portfolio.