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By: Sicap  11-11-2011

How can I prevent my customers from churning?

With sicap solutions you can award loyalty points b ased on usage/bills/reloads, the duration of the contract or any other demographic information identified as being relevant in your context.

Will subscribers respond better to a contextual loyalty campaign?

Using sicap loyalty campaigns, you can test-launch promotions on a small audience, measure results and select only those which meet business expectations.

How much voice revenue could we earn if our subscribers could call when out of credit?

Sicap solutions enable you to explore an often overlooked subscriber segment, that of the low-income subscriber.

Which services are my subscribers attracted to?

Using knowledge gained over-the-air with sicap solutions, you can stimulate ARPU by targeting customers with promotional offers aligned to their behaviour and their preferred device style.

What if device issues were detected automatically and subscribers prompted?

Sicap converged device and SIM management translates into the effective remote delivery of service applets and update files, saving customer care costs and reducing the number of no fault found devices.

If  we had touch-screen services , how much time would my sales staff gain?

Sicap self-care services help customers resolve common problems, make choices and purchase credit without having to wait for assistance.  

How can I avoid subscriber frustration?

By effectively managing, controlling, and repairing mobile devices and SIM using sicap solutions, you can avoid the customer frustration that often results in churn.

H ow can I make the experience enjoyable?

You can offer a user friendly and attractive Device Chooser web service with sicap knowledge behind it, or make service access simple with a USSD menu browser.