Combustion automation systems for coal fired steam boilers

Combustion automation systems for coal fired steam boilers from Boiler Combustion Technologies

By: Boiler Combustion Technologies  10-20-2009

   BCT is a company specialising in the supply of electronic combustion control systems for coal fired steam boilers, both of the fire tube and water tube configurations.  The main objective of our Automation System is to combat he ever increasing cost of energy and negative impacts on the environment.   The technology we offer replaces the inefficient conventional electro-mechanical combustion control systems of Coal Fired Boilers with an electronic control system which optimizes Boiler Efficiency. Interventions by boiler operators are eliminated for all practical purposes.  The guillotine can also be automated by means of our system to provide for most effective air distribution through the coal bed. We offer various levels of technology to choose from, depending on individual needs and preferences, boiler size and available capital. Coal savings between 10% and 20% are normally recorded, plus substantial reduction in electricity costs. The cost invested in our technology is normally recovered within 12 to 24 months, depending on coal usage and cost.

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