By: OVO  04-22-2010
Keywords: ADHD, Webdevelopment, Sleep Problems

 Enhance your brain’s efficiency
and Reduce slow brainwaves
Harmonic Auditory Stimulation

If you suffer from ADHD/ADD or have a friend or loved one who does, then you'll love this! What you are looking at is a BRAND NEW APPROACH FOR ADHD / ADD.

Various Doctors have done extensive research with children with ADD and ADHD with similar brainwave training and found that the subjects had IQ increases and other significant improvements in memory, reading and maths. They further found that at the one year follow-up point that test subjects had major improvement in self expression, Concentration and self esteem. This CD is designed to take a person with ADD/ADHD who tend to have a overabundance of the slower Alpha and Theta brainwaves into a more normal brainwave range.

Keywords: ADHD, Sleep Problems, stimulation programs, Webdevelopment,