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By: Masterplan  12-08-2011

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Our skills development programmes include:

Get hands-on experience facilitating specific workshop processes using accelerated tools and techniques based upon our range of FacilitateIT!™ Graphic Cards and Group Interaction Toolkits.

Exploring the role project sponsors have in project excellence. For projects to succeed, project managers need executive support and sponsorship.

Our premier skills development programme

Our advanced skills development and IAF CPF certification preparation programme

One-on-one coaching offered exclusively to facilitators who have completed either the Masterful Facilitator or Advanced Facilitator classes

Learn how to lead a group of people through a process to arrive at a solution that is acceptable to all participants. Whether you are leading a project team, defining user requirements for a system development project, or working with executives in developing a strategic plan for their organisation. Attain essential and powerful facilitation skills and techniques. The Masterful Facilitator is our leading programme, which is based upon foundational principles of facilitation and includes a detailed step by step methodology, with a wealth of practical facilitation and group management techniques. Practice sessions around the facilitation principles provide delegates with an opportunity to refine and hone their skills. The programme is structured to allow candidate facilitators the opportunity to build their confidence in the practice sessions. Each practice session progressively broadens their experience, culminating in facilitating larger groups. Documented individual feedback from an IAF Certified™ Professional Facilitator and a video-taped session on DVD makes this course invaluable to any practicing facilitator.

Please see the (IAF) website for more information about their IAF Certified™ Professional Facilitator accreditation.

Facilitators seeking to raise their level of facilitation skill would benefit from this programme. In this exciting series, learn enhanced facilitation techniques and methods like appreciative inquiry, world cafe, and many other frameworks, as well as specialised techniques for focused questioning skills, managing challenging and large team environments. Each candidate facilitator receives detailed and constructive feedback, with areas for improvement and opportunities to practice within a safe environment. Learn the art of making your questions work, and benefit your facilitation sessions and the outcomes.

A key feature of this course is learning how to apply John Geier's DISC styles from a communication point of view, and adapting your style in order to emulate the styles of your participants.

Note: Completion of our 3 Day Masterful Facilitator course is a prerequisite.

Do you need to get advice from an IAF Certified™ Professional Facilitator for an upcoming workshop, or help in developing a detailed agenda and structured facilitation model for an important workshop? Would you like to obtain practical observations and learnings on how to address the dysfunction and lack of collaboration occurring in your organisation? Alternatively would you like an IAF Certified™ Professional Facilitator sit in your workshop and provide you with structured feedback or even co-facilitate certain agenda items with you? Throughout our structured coaching process, we offer insightful and detailed feedback (with specific areas and strategies for improvement) to help you refine your skills and raise your level confidence as a facilitator.

Please feel free to speak to about the benefits of this coaching service or .

The FastPLAN™ method is a highly interactive facilitative planning process where the project team members turn ambiguity into accuracy and replace frustration with action. As the project facilitator working together with your participant team, you’ll build a plan for accomplishing the objective – a plan the team can get behind, and the stakeholders and management can endorse, within real-time expectations.

This course provides an interactive approach to exploring the role project sponsors have in project excellence. For projects to succeed, project managers need executive support and sponsorship. But even those executives who are most committed to using project management are often divided in their actions between their other executive responsibilities and their limited understanding of a project sponsors function. We’ll examine how executives can more fully engage themselves in the projects they support and sponsor; how they can help their projects succeed.

Our well-known PDI (practical, dynamic and interactive) methodology is the basis for our highly effective course format including a highly interactive case study providing the opportunity to solve a real life project sponsorship problem during the course.

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As a facilitation technique, the facilitator enhances their role as a "graphic recorder", whereby they impartially guide the participants "see" what they know, ask questions to clarify understanding, and as a result make better informed decisions and conclusions. Visual language aids the decision making process, 64% of participants made decisions after seeing visual displays. Harnessing the Power of Visuals.


MasterPLAN™ – South Africa's Leading Facilitation Company

Onderstepoort Biological Products - "Once again thank you very much for your very comprehensive and high standard facilitation of our EXCO strategy session. His facilitation has resulted in effective strategy planning, enabling Profmed to clearly understand and achieve its goals. Anglo Medical Scheme - "I would like to thank you sincerely for facilitating a difficult (in my opinion) strategy session.