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By: Masterplan  12-08-2011
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Our propietary facilitation products are exclusively manufactured and distributed by MasterPLAN Consulting (Pty) Ltd and provide the facilitator, consultant and or trainer with powerful visual mapping tools that have been specifically designed to support a multitude of group processes such as strategy planning, project planning, process mapping, business requirements definition, as well as variety of meeting and large-group facilitation engagements.

has been based upon the model of concept mapping, where information is represented as concepts (using the cards) with links (using the arrows) showing and describing the relationships between the concepts. They assist in visually categorising group information while at the same time stimulating interaction, structuring group discussion and summarising conclusions.

"Harnessing the Power of Visuals"

Research has shown that visual language used in meetings shortens meeting time by 24%. Visual language aids the decision making process, 64% of participants made decisions after seeing visual displays.
Milly Sonneman, Pioneer Practitioner, Hands-on-Graphics

is a graphical facilitation tool that uses the impact of visualisation in assisting groups to picture their ideas and their understanding of their context through the use of a pre-designed visual metaphor. As a facilitation technique, the facilitator enhances their role as a "graphic recorder", whereby they impartially guide the participants "see" what they know, ask questions to clarify understanding, and as a result make better informed decisions and conclusions. Armed with colourful water-based markers, pastels and chalk with the pre-made templates, for organizing group member’s thoughts, the facilitator graphically records information.

Keywords: Facilitation Products

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Get hands-on experience facilitating specific workshop processes using accelerated tools and techniques based upon our range of FacilitateIT!™ Graphic Cards and Group Interaction Toolkits. Whether you are leading a project team, defining user requirements for a system development project, or working with executives in developing a strategic plan for their organisation.


MasterPLAN™ – South Africa's Leading Facilitation Company

Onderstepoort Biological Products - "Once again thank you very much for your very comprehensive and high standard facilitation of our EXCO strategy session. His facilitation has resulted in effective strategy planning, enabling Profmed to clearly understand and achieve its goals. Anglo Medical Scheme - "I would like to thank you sincerely for facilitating a difficult (in my opinion) strategy session.