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By: Procon Insurance Brokers CC / Procon Versekeringsmakelaars BK  03-28-2011
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Procon Insurance Brokers CC/Procon Versekeringsmakelaars BK; Rendering of Financial Services. 

The rendering of financial services is an exercise to analyse your current situation on the basis of information supplied, determine and prioritise your personal objectives, provide you with a financial plan to materialise these objectives and finally implement the financial plan by providing you with appropriate financial products.

Risk Planning

To ensure that you have made adequate financial provision to meet your financial needs as well as those of your family and dependents in the event of your death, disability or dread disease.  These events have huge financial implications for you and for those financially dependent on you and these financial implications may be devastating if adequate financial provision has not been made.

Investment Planning

The main objectives of investment planning are wealth creation, income generation and wealth protection or a combination of all three. 

Retirement Planning

To ensure that you do not become part of the more than 90% South Africans that are unable to retire financially independent.  Retirement planning involves far more than merely contributing to a pension, provident or retirement annuity fund and then hoping for the best.

Short-Term Insurance Planning

To ensure that you have made adequate provision to protect yourself financially against the consequences of events like fire, damages and theft. By effecting insurance, the risk of economic loss is transferred to the insurer.

Business Assurance

To ensure that provision is made for the purpose of providing a solution to the financial problems which arise on the death, disability or retirement and to provide for business continuity and to strengthen business structures.

Estate Planning

To ensure that there are sufficient assets or capital in order to meet the cash flow requirements of your deceased estate, dependents and family and give effect to specific bequests.

Health Benefits [Trauma and Impairment; Not a medical aid]

To ensure that you have made adequate financial provision for you to cover medical  and hospitalisation expenses, due to injuries as a result of accidents, illness as well as any other necessary medical treatment that you may require.


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