Easter specials

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We are having specials on all generators, motors and pumps.

We have great specials on generators to get you ready for the winter, and the expected in crease in loadsheding this coming winter.

  1 x 12KvA Voxgen diesel water cooled generator, sound attenuation canopy and AMF panel, powered by a YANG DONG 480Ddiesel engine and a STAMFORD PRA12A alternator 220V – R 65535.00

We have a large range of generators from small portable to large industrial 900 kva.
Be prepared: electricity blackouts loom Photo ©: www.flickriver.com Rolling mass electricity blackouts (euphemistically called load-shedding by the Eskom PR team) have a very strong prospect of returning this winter (Remember 2008?). The blackouts could come very soon - supply and demand are basically equal - it just needs cold weather (increases demand) or one additional breakdown (reduces supply) to push the Eskom system over the edge. And they may be longer and more frequent than in the past.We urge you to be prepared. And we guarantee that the preparation will soon come in useful.Why do we warn of electricity blackouts on the horizon? ·       In the last five years almost no additional electricity has been added to the Eskom supply system ·       Summer has seen problems such as a Koeberg generator not working, and a floods-caused drop in supply from Cabora Bassa in Mozambique ·       The problems mean that the proper summer maintenance has not been carried out before the winter overload ·       Hundreds of thousands of new homes are being connected to the already overloaded electricity grid every year ·       All this means that the already unstable Eskom system is even more unstable - more breakdowns and blackouts likely ·       No more electricity savings to be had - South Africa industrial production already cut back (and economy damaged) as Eskom rations supplies and pays industries not to produce ·       To top it all, completion of new Medupi Power Station has again been much delayed by ongoing strikes and cost overruns The blackouts may be planned and you may be warned. But they may also come as surprises (to you and to Eskom) as overloaded, under-serviced and aged power generators crash under the weight of the winter overload.How to handle (and be prepared for) electricity blackouts: ·       Stock up with a plentiful supply of torches (and batteries) candles, matches/lighters ·       Test the torches monthly - do they work and are the batteries still charged? ·       Don't have too much food stored in your freezer (in case of a prolonged blackout that wrecks all the frozen food) ·       Have alternate lighting plans - candles, paraffin, gas and battery operated lamps ·       Consider solar-powered security lighting outside ·       Have alternate cooking plans: braais, gas cookers, portable camping gel stoves, primus stoves (and make sure you have enough fuel for these) ·       Check that you can manually open and close electronic gates and garage doors ·       Have tinned foods (and longlife milk) that can be eaten cold or heated with hot water ·       Have a plan to communicate with the outside world (hint - have at least one smart phone and have cell phone car chargers for all cell phones in your household) and know how to access the news from your cellphone ·       Keep cell and laptop batteries fully charged ·       Make sure you have enough blankets / duvets for the coldest nights ·       Draw up a blackout plan - first steps, lighting, meals, water heating (bathing and showering) ·       Assign part of the plan to each family member  ·       Consider medium term strategies such as installing a solar geyser (it will pay for itself in the long run) and/or a generator) ·       Check that your alarm system's battery works and will kick in when the power goes off ·       Act on the above NOW. The first blackouts could come very soon! How to act after the blackout hits ·       Never open your fridge and/or freezer ·       Know where the torches and matches are kept ·       Start implementing your blackout plan (see above or below)     We look forward in assisting you or your clients with all your emergency power requirements. Contact us for the best prices and expertise in Africa.  Genset  Builds 10kVa-10 MVA Rental Gensets at reasonable prices. Tender and spec builds part of our repertoire.   Installations, repairs, service , maintenance and hire of Gensets & UPS Systems –everything under one roof. Beware Chinese generators for their domestic market only

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