By: Actebis 268 CC  11-11-2011
Keywords: Waste disposal, Tubes, Mercury

Products Supplied by Actebis 268 cc

The Tube and Globe Guzzler

The Tube and Globe guzzler has many benefits:

•    Safe to use on all sizes Fluorescent tubes and globes -Safety seals fitted into 2 X Feeder Pipes to prevent vapours from escaping
•    Drum capacity is approximately between 700-1000 tubes and ±1200 sodium lamps
•    Meets occupational Health and safety regulations regarding waste disposal procedure
•    Mechanically operated
•    Chemicals in drum break down mercury, preventing spillage in case of an accident while transporting waste to the H.H Landfill
•    Patented
•    It is manufactured locally
•    Breaks all types of fluorescent tubes, U-Tubes, Sodium vapor globes and ( CFL )energy savers

Products from Actebis 268 cc also includes:

•    210 Liter recondition open-top container drums
•    Mercury protective clothing sets
•    Chemical treatment in drums that stabilises the mercury prior to transporting to landfil site. This is in accordance to Government Policy

We also supply:

•    20 Liter recondition open-top drums for battery disposal

Product Pictures:

The Tube and Globe Guzzler has many advantages:

  • Safe to use-No glass splattering
  • Drum capacity approx. 1000 tubes
  • Meets Occupational Health & Safety Regulations regarding waste disposal procedures
  • Chemicals in the drum break down mercury, preventing spillage in the case of an accident when transporting waste to H.H landfill
  • Breaks all types of Fluorescent tubes, U -Tubes, Sodium Vapor globes and (SFL) energy savers

Here is some of our products used with the Guzzler:

  • 210 Liter reduction open-top container drums
  • Murcary reduction clothing sets
  • Chemicals for drums to stabilise mercury

We also supply:

  • 20 liter reduction open-top drums for battery disposal !

Keywords: Fluorescent Tubes, Mercury, Tubes, Waste disposal