Permanent Hair Removal and Skin Rejuvenation System for Home use

By: RK Procurement Projects (Pty) Ltd  12-20-2012
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Why pay a fortune on permanent hair removal?

The best price, least amount of pain for the best results:a perfect combination!

The Espil Home IPL Hair Removal and Skin RejuvenationSystem is the most effective, most affordable system on the market.Of all the systems available, this is the only system that has receivedonly positive and NO negative feedback. We encourage you to search reviews whensearching for products on the internet.

The Espil Home IPL Hair Removal and Skin RejuvenationSystem is the only home system to offer permanent hair removal AND skinrejuvenation.



Price INCLUDES shipping and it normally takes around 5 to 7 working days, from receipt ofpayment.


Please allow 10 working days at the most.




R3 620.00 (one lamp)


1 X Hair Removal Lamp

No Skin Rejuvenation Lamp




R4 070.00 (two lamps)


2 X Hair Removal Lamps  


1 X Hair Removal Lamp + 1 X Skin Rejuvenation Lamp




R4 520.00 (three lamps)


2 X Hair Removal Lamps

1 X  Skin Rejuvenation Lamp

(or vice versa)


The lamps cost the same, so please specify upon ordering,which lamps you require.

Prices include DHL Door to Door delivery, so please supplya physical address where delivery during office hours, may be done.

Also please supply a cell phone number.

Prices are subject to drastic increases / decreases in theexchange rate.


The Espil BSL-10 Home IPL Hair Removaland Skin Rejuvenation System

What is the Espil Home IPL
Please note: though this is an IPLsystem, we will be referring to treatments as 'lasering'.

Hair Removal
The Espil Home IPL is based on IPL(Intense Pulse Light) technology which is regarded as the most effective andsafest in today's markets. The FDA's definition of permanent hair reductionstates that after the treatment is finished a minimum of 30 months without anynew growth, must be observed.

The Espil Home IPL is the most innovative light-based hair removal device foruse in the privacy of your own home or beauty salon. To achieve hair removal,it is necessary not only to destroy the hair but to destroy the stem cells thatstimulate hair production.

It is important to understand that the hair is only aconduit for the light energy and for successful permanent hair reduction /removal, the stem cells inside the follicle has to be destroyed. The Espil HomeIPL Hair Removal System is a small, portable IPL, with five different intensitylevel settings. The specifications for the device include wavelengths of lightfrom 475 to 1200nm.

Treatment Plan with the Espil Home IPL

Treatment should be carried out every 2 - 4 weeks for at least 5 sessions, upto 8 or more if necessary. After 6 months of sessions 70 % - 90 % resultsshould be achieved.

Skin Tone Palette

As with any IPL, the Espil Home IPL may only be used onskin types as indicated on the skin tone palette under our images. Do not usethis system on naturally dark skin. Treating dark skin may result in adverseeffects such as burns, blisters and/or skin discoloration (hyper- orhypo-pigmentation). Clients must avoid sun tanning at least a week prior andafter treatments as skin discoloration occurs when sun tanning and treatmentscoincide.

Disposable Lamp Cartridge

The Espil Home IPL Disposable lamp cartridge can deliver3,000 to 8,000 shots, depending on the energy level most used. Pulse intensityis determined by the energy level setting of the device.

Skin Color Sensor

IPL based hair removal on darker skin tones may resutl inadverse effects such as burns, blisters and skin discoloration (hyper- orhypo-pigmentation). As a safety feature, a unique Skin Color Sensor in theEspil Home IPL measures the skin complexion at the beginning of each sessionand occasionally during the session. If the Skin Color Sensor detects a skintone that is too dark for use of the Espil Home IPL, the device willautomatically stop emitting pulses.

Skin Rejuvenation

Disposable Lamp Cartridge

The disposable Skin Rejuvenation lamp cartridge can alsodeliver 3,000 - 8,000 shots, depending on the energy level most used. Higherlevels, produce better results, however lower levels are recommended,especially on the face. Pulse intensity is determined by the energy levelsetting of the device.

How it works

The rules for using the skin rejuvenation lamp, is verymuch the same as that of the hair removal lamp. 7 - 10 days have to pass inbetween treatments with either of the lamps and treatment areas should not beoverlapped. The IPL Skin Rejuvenation treatment is great for skin conditionssuch as rosacea, age spots, sun damage, vascular or pigmented lesions and italso helps reduce the size of pores. The system emits varied wavelength ofIntense Pulsed Light that can permeate the cuticle to the derma and take effecton the abnormal pigment and vessel. Such target tissues break the abnormalpigment cells, close the abnormal blood vessels and stimulate the proliferationof collagen and improve the rearrangement of elastic fibers.

The IPL hand piece delivers high intensity pulses ofbroadband light that is different from the narrow band light of lasers. IPL isnon-ablative meaning that is does not damage the surface of the skin. Theintense light is delivered to the deeper parts of the skin (dermis) and leavesthe superficial aspect of the skin (epidermis) untouched. When the light isabsorbed by the pigment, vascular lesion or red spider veins and the bodyrecognises them as waste, it migrates them out through the lymphatic system.



So, how is it going with the Espil for you? For me, it didits job, no fuss. I even ordered a second one for my sister and it justarrived. When I first used it, I started with a lowest energy setting and thenincreased it until, the flashes started stinging like a rubber band snap, thenkept the setting for rest of my legs. First time, nothing noticeable happenedbut, on the second or third time on, my legs all turned reddish, and I was likefreaked out. I immediately went to the doc nearby and checked with her. shetold me it's fine. it happens when the hair follicles are destroyed. lastedabout maybe a couple of hours I think coz next day it was fine. anyway, I justwant to say, eventually Mini-IPL really delivered what it had promised. noqualms. I would say about 75% of hairs never grew back. Goodluck, Susan


Hi Citrine! Well I ordered my Espil about 6 weeks ago andit's working pretty well so far. I've been doing arms and legs and upper lip.For arms and legs its great and I’ve noticed lots of improvement. The upper lipis a little hard to maneuver but once you get the hang of it it’s just as easyas everywhere else. Good luck!

R Knox-MacBride
June 2012

I have yet to find a negative review on the Espil BSL-10Home IPL Hair Removal System. It appears everyone is satisfied and I can vouchfor that.

Here is my testimony: I have spent around R26 000 (South African Rand) over the lastten years, having laser and IPL hair removal treatments done on and off. Fivesessions of the bikini area ten years ago and ten full body treatments aboutfour years ago. R26 000 equates roughly to around US$3 058!! Worst is, I wasstill HAIRY! Very, very hairy! The hair grew slower and thinner, but they werestill there! Highly disappointed and frustrated, I decided to give it one lastgo. I bought the Espil Home IPL and ... WOW! I am SO pleased.

Salon Treatments with large machines - Pain: No cooling time was given and the laser became unbearablyhot. The actual lasering of hair, does not hurt as much as the hot lamp does.Lasering does not hurt, but pressing a hot light bulb (in effect) against yourskin, does!

Espil Home IPL - Pain: For the first time ever, I experienced laser hair removal,which was practically painless! I allowed the system to cool down regularly forabout five minutes at a time and found that the lamp had sufficiently coolednot to burn me at all. It was a great experience that made me want to lasereveryday! During session one, I lasered at levels 1 and 3 (of five). The secondsession was mostly done on levels 3 and 5. The lamp does get considerablyhotter and each shot, is somewhat more intense, but I allowed it to cool downsufficiently, so as not to burn myself. Session three, was done on levels 3, 4and 5. The lamp did a total of 3 794 shots. I prefer to do further treatmentson level 3 for various reasons: consistent lasering at level 3, is just aseffective as lasering at level 5, but the lamp stays cooler for longer, thuslasering goes faster, it is not painful AND the lamp will last longer. Somepeople think the lamp has to BURN for the lasering to be effective. No, that isnot the case. Burning happens to the skin. Lasering happens to the hair. Thelamp does not have to be SCORCHING HOT to be effective.

Salon Treatments with large machines - Treatment Time: Lasering my entire body with a large system, took an hourand a half on two separate days as the lamp became UNBEARABLY hot after thefirst hour and a half. So my sessions were split into two days.

Espil Home IPL - Treatment Time: In somewhat less than three hours, I had finishedlasering my entire body, with PLENTY of cooling time in between. The lamp areais 2 x 3 cm - which covers a considerable amount of hair at a time (dependingon the density of the area treated).

Salon Treatments with large machines - Results: After ten full body sessions and fifteen bikini sessions,the hair grew a lot slower and thinner, but there were no areas where the hairwas completely gone.

Espil Home IPL - Results: Well, what can I say? A great price, the least amount ofpain for the best results! What a perfect combination!! After only fourtreatments on most areas, the results are as follows:

Arms - 80 %reduction in hair growth
Legs - 70 % reduction in hair growth
Face - 75 % reduction in hair growth
Hands - 100 % reduction in hair growth
Feet - 95 % reduction in hair growth
Bikini - 85 % reduction in hair growth

My bikini area has given me the best results so far and Iam so pleased. For the first time in ages, I have the self-confidence ofwearing a bikini, without the pain of waxing or rash and ingrown hairs. Also,the lasering has improved my skin’s condition, leaving it soft and smooth aswell as getting rid of ingrown hairs. I am SO pleased.

Everyone should enjoy the benefits that the Espil Home IPLoffers!


* 100-240 Universal Power * Less-noise Fan *Long-term results
* Skin Color Sensor * Effective on women and men * Physician Recommended
* Cost Effective * Safe & Easy to Use * CE Approved

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Permanent Hair Removal and Skin Rejuvenation System for Home use

Permanent laser and IPL hair removal systems for at homeuse.  The best price!  The best results!