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By: Frik Liebenberg Liquor Licence Consultant & Business Broker  01-25-2013
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Confidentiality guaranteed.

The seller or prospective buyer of abusiness can rest assured that we keep all information confidential. We meetthe prospective buyer for a sit down meeting where all the buyer`s relevantinformation is recorded as required by the FICA act, act 38, 2001. Theprospective buyer is required to sign a non-disclosure document prior toreceiving any information of the business.

Prospective Buyers Interview.

All prospective buyers are interviewed toconfirm their understanding of the buying process of a business, the workingcapital required over and above the purchase price, cash flow, legal andlicensing requirements, the stock implications at time of hand-over, the impactof Section 34 of the insolvency act and the impact of the Labor Relations Acton the business buying process.

Screening of Prospective Buyers. 

In our effort  to find a willing and able buyer, we must beconfident that the  prospective buyer isable to buy taking into account the factors influencing the cost to purchasethe business over and above the purchase price.

Valuation of a Business.

We can assist with the determining themarket value of your business. A realistic market value of a business can savetime in selling the business.


The Marketing of a Business.

A business must be discreetly marketed. Itis preferred that at the marketing stages the staff and customers are not awareof the owners intention to sell. The staff is placed under undue stress, andincidents of low morale, theft and even resignations were reported. Once thenegotiations reach a certain stage the staff are informed and reassured oftheir position in the business.

If the public is aware that the business isfor sale, a perception can develop that the business is in trouble. It caninfluence the viability of the business. The suppliers also become nervous andfuture deliveries can be jeopardized. Some suppliers may close accounts withthe business in order to secure their interest.

Negotiating the Sale.

We are trained to negotiate the sale insuch a manner that the prospective buyer and the seller are not influenced byone another’s actions or egos. 

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