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By: Telenetix  11-11-2011

Telenetix applies a collaborative account management approach, which creates a highly tailored relationship with built-in flexibility to address our customer's changing business needs.

The baseline for the service delivered is the agreement represented by an SLA. Fundamental to both these concepts is agreement on what aspects of the service will be measured, how they will be measured and how these measurements will be reviewed by both the customer's expectations and our ability to deliver continual improvement. Telenetix will contractually commit to service levels for the services to be provided.

When a customer knows what he needs to accomplish, but does not know what is required to meet those needs, Telenetix will make recommendations, and working with the client, engineer a system to perform to, or exceed the specifications which are required.

Telenetix's approach to develop a comprehensive program:

  • Conduct a fact-finding session with the people involved, identify the requirements and prioritize the issues.

  • Organize the project into objectives and reach a consensus on the scope, deliverables and timing.

  • Systematically record the details, prerequisites and constraints to resolve each issue and define the task requirements.

  • Develop a project plan, of tasks required to resolve each issue, and identify the available resources and timing required.

  • Assign tasks and execute the schedule accordingly to satisfy prerequisites and resolve issues.

  • Monitor progress and facilitate the team and resources to complete the tasks on time.

We believe there is value in this arrangement because it increases your control over business results. It is our philosophy that our success is measured by the success of our customers and we will therefore base the relationship on measurable results that are in-line with your business objectives.

More services include:

      • Project Management

      • Consulting Services

      • Maintenance and Support

      • Logistics, Rigging Transport

      • Electrical Installation

      • Community Liaison

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Products- telenetix , t-cube

The data centre design or computer room design process starts with our client's management staff determining the business's data centre or computer room objectives and availability requirements. The three most important attributes of any good data centre design or computer room design are high-availability, flexibility, and simplicity. We follow with a thorough survey of the existing systems and facilities.