Content managagement Websites

By: Jabulani Design Studio   04-23-2010
Keywords: Web Design, Website Design, Web Development

Content Management Systems
What is a Content Management System or CMS?
In short, a CMS allows users with limited technical knowledge to add and update content on a website.

The need for a CMS:
Websites are increasingly required to deliver continually updated information to their visitors. For example, a company may need to post up-to-date news, press releases, product information, prices, jobs, images, special promotions, availability, contact information.

Without a CMS, any such content that is out-of-date or inaccurate would require a website professional to attend to any updates, and is dependent on their availability and cost.

With a CMS in place, any update required can be done independent of any third party and can therefore be done immediately without any cost implications. The CMS system is specifically designed to be user-friendly, and with limited training is flexible enough to handle almost all content updates quickly and efficiently.

Keywords: Web Design, Web Development, Website Design