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By: Kuriti Media  01-24-2011


·    Fast low cost production - instantly updated giving you NO Print & Postage Costs!

·    Can be e-mailed or opened directly from your website


·    Unlimited pages + unlimited products, customers can browse your Digital Catalogue offline click on products as they browse then press a submit order button to place an e-mail order.

·    Weblink buttons can enable customers to go directly to your online shop (if you have one).

·    Additional features include instant updating (self if required) unlimited no cost distribution by e-mail, download from your website or CD / disc.

·    We are also able to personalise your digital catalogue to individuals such as sales people / agents/resellers etc whereby orders are tracked from their catalogue or go directly to them. 

·    With NO PRINT or POSTAGE COSTS our Digital Catalogues become very cost effective.


·    If you are already (or considering) either an in house employee or external customer Newsletter then consider the advantages (and cost savings) or producing it Digitally.

·     With copy insertion/change available 5 minutes before despatch, NO print and Postage costs and unlimited feedback e-mail and website links a Digital Newsletter is a must.

·    We can accept your current Printed Newsletter via a pdf/word document etc, re-create from printed copy or generate from scratch the choice is yours.


·    College - School - University or Company Share Issues all need to get information out quickly and cost effectively, a Digital Prospectus can be e-mailed and/or made available as a direct website download.

·    We can take your current prospectus (printed version) and convert into Digital Prospectus formatfrom a pdf or word document, scan directly from print or create one from scratch.

·     With the added advantages of immediate copy/date change, web and e-mail links, print off and "send to a friend facilities", unlimited copies and NO Print or Distribution costs having    a Digital Prospectus in this day and age is an absolute must.


·    Supplying instructions and points of contact are very important and being able to gather direct customer information back online is very quick, efficient and good marketing sense.

·     A Digital Manual has the benefit of never having to be outdated and can be provided via     e-mail to customers and/or as a direct download from your (or any !) website.

·     With unlimited pages, web and e-mail links and NO Print costs you should give serious consideration to introducing a Digital Manual alternative for your product(s) & company.

Annual Report

·    Annual Report & Accounts - Industry Information - Monthly Meetings - Daily Updates all require information to be accurate, up to date and distributed quickly and cost effectively.

·    A Digital Report enables unlimited reproduction with NO Print or Distribution costs and has the added advantages of quick updating, web and e-mail links & Print Out options combined with e-mail distribution and company website direct download.