VAMP - powergeneration

By: Vamp  11-11-2011
Keywords: Power generation, circuit breaker, Power Plants

The protection functions, many communication protocols and numerous auxiliary functions make the VAMP 265 perfect for utility and industrial power generation applications.

The numerical VAMP generator protection relay includes all the essential functions needed for protection of small or medium-sized power generators in modern unmanned fully automatic power plants. Further the VAMP relay includes several programmable protection functions, trip circuit supervision, circuit breaker protection and communication protocols for various protection and communication situations.

The VAMP 210 generator protection relay provides comprehensive protection for generators in various power plant types, such as hydro, steam and diesel power plants.

The VAMP 265 relays support generator and generator-block-transformer differential protection.

The VAMP 260 power-monitoring unit is an integrated monitoring device. Through numerical signal processing the device produces large amounts of important information. The device measures the phase currents and the phase-to-phase voltages or phase-to-neutral voltages. Besides these directly measured data the VAMP 260 calculates much data about the state of the power network.

Keywords: circuit breaker, Communication Protocols, Industrial Power, Industrial Power Generation, Power generation, Power Plants, Protection Relay,

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VAMP - arcprotection

An electric arc short-circuit is an infrequent switchgear fault where an explosion-like heat and pressure-effect may cause large material damage and jeopardize the job safety of the opeation staff. The new unit includes more advanced logical features making it easier to protect complicated switchgear configurations. The goal of the arc protection is to detect the arc and minimize its burning time thus protecting people and property.


VAMP - powerdistribution

All VAMP protection relays measuring currents can accommodate an arc sensor connection module which enable this relay working either as an independent arc protection relay or part of VAMP arc protection system. VAMP 130 is a basic overcurrent and earth fault protection relay for applications where communication to the higher level control system is not needed and a cost effective package is required.


VAMP - motorprotection

The relay is used for internal short circuits faults, internal earth faults, unbalance single phasing, incorrect phase sequence, overload protection and too frequent starting. As an option the relay can be provided with an arc detection system, which in combination with the extremely fast overcurrent stage forms a fast arc protection function.


VAMP - vamp

By using VAMP 121 in switchgears considerable safety improvements are obtained in the form of minimized injury and damage in case of an arc fault. VAMP 121 is a state of the art arc protection unit for electrical power distribution systems.