Recruitment & Selection, Psychometric Assessments, Job Profiling

By: Professionals @ Work cc  09-30-2009
Keywords: Psychometric Assessments, Job Profiling, Recruitment & Selection

Recruitment & Selection / Psychometric Assessments

The process of Sourcing candidates and identifying appropriate people for an organisation is called recruitment and selection. We will conduct a prelimanary analysis to understand the client's specific needs. 

Professionals @ Work will Research and advertise for all candidates
Manage inflow and correspondance
Review and shortlist resumes
Develop Interview questions
Interview and reference check the best candidates
Forward Short listed possible candidates to clients

Final candidate can then be assessed at an extra cost:
* Assessments are a combination of Personality
* Potential
* Interest
* Aptitude and other aspects which may apply in certain cases

Job Profiles

Job Profiles are critical for any organisation as they have an impact on a number of Human Resource processes.

It is quite common that employees:
Don't know who they are reporting to
Don't know what their job title is
Don't know what their responsibilities are
Don't know what performance criteria and standards they will be meassured against
Think they have more responsibility and authority than they actually do

It is good business practise therefor to provide all employees with a relevant and accurate Job Profiles.  This is usually a combination of what the manager expect and what the incumbent perceives

Keywords: Job Profiling, Psychometric Assessments, Recruitment & Selection