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Brand Names & Products:
ASCO/ JOUCOMATIC       Valves, Cylinders and Repair Kits
ASHCROFT                      Pressure Switches                                                 
                                        Solenoid Fluid Valves                                                 
                                        Air Service Units                                                
                                        Pressure Gauges                                                 
                                        Pressure Vacuum Switches                                        
                                        Chemical Seals  
                                         ISO Rings 
ABB INSTRUMENTATION   Flow, Pressure, Temperature and Water Analysis             
                                         Pressure Transmitters                                                 
                                         Different Pressure Transmitters                                   
                                         Paperless Recorders                                                 
                                         Circular Chart Recorders                                        
                                         Magnetic Flow Meters
ASV STUBBE                    Pumps and Valves
AMRI                                 Valves and Actuators
AIR TORQUE                     Actuators
BAILEY BURKERT             Pressure Relief and Safety Valves
BUSCHJOST                     Process Valves
BERMAN                          Valves
BELLOFRAM                     I/P & E/P Transducers
BERMAD                          Pressure Valves
BURKERT                        Solenoid Valves & Flow Meters
CAHO                              Process Controllers
CAJON                            Pipe Fittings
CDC                                Push-in Fittings
CEMA                             Valves
DLM                                Valves and Actuators
DWYER                           Instrumentation
DYNAPAR                       Counters, Panel Meters and Tachometers
DELTA OHM                     Temperature and Humidity
EL-O-MATIC                     Valves and Actuators
ELETTA                           Flow Sensors
FISHER PORTER             Flow Sensors
FOX                                Proximity Switches
FLUKE                            Test Equipment
GOYEN                           Dust Control Valves
GYROLOK                       Tube Fittings
GEMU                              Valves
GEMS                              Pressure Transducers
GEORGE FISHER            Valves and Pipe Fittings
HIC                                  Butterfly Valves
HANNA                            PH & Temperature Instruments
HAMLET                          Tube Fittings
HABONIM                        Valves & Actuators
HEISE                             Precision Test Equipment
HONSBERG                    Valves, Flow meters & Flow Switches
IMS                                 Transducers
IDEC                               PLC’S
JSF                                 Flow Switches
KENT                              Water Meters
KEINZLE                          Tachometers
LIN SEIKI                         Panel Meters and Controls
LEGRIS                           Tube Fittings
MAJOR TECH                  Test Equipment
NATCO                            Valves and Actuators
NUPRO                            Pressure Relief Valves and Fittings
OMAL                              Actuators
OMRON                           Timers, Sensors and Relays
PNEUMAX                        Pneumatics
PARKER                          Valves and Fittings
PLAST-O-MATIC               Valves
PROMINENT                    Dosing Systems
RHOMBERG                    Pressure Gauges                                    
SMC                                Pneumatic Valves and Fittings
SWAGELOK                    Tube Fittings and Valves
STEGGMANN                  Encoders
SICK                               Sensors and Encoders
TESS                              Test Equipment
TRI-POINT                       Pressure Switches
TBI                                 pH&ORP
TOHO                             Process Controllers and Recorders
TRUE BLUE                    Valves and Actuators
UCC                               Flow Meters
VEGA                            Level Transmitters
VEEDER ROOT              Panel Meters and Counters
WHITTEY                       Valves
WIKA                             Pressure Gauges and Thermometers
WILKERSON                  Regulators

Keywords: Instrumentation

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