Coppersun SPF30 – 100 ml

Coppersun SPF30 – 100 ml from Intermark

By: Intermark  06-19-2010
Keywords: health, Health Care

Dermatologically tested. Hypo – allergenic (means it contains no known substances that cause an allergy). Non-irritant. Water-resistant. Contains a broad spectrum of UVA and UVB protection. UV – Ultra violet light – emitted naturally by the sun. UVA damages skin cells, causing premature lines and loss of elasticity. UVB causes sunburn, freckling, blotching and leatherly looking skin called keratinization.


SpF- Sun Protection Factor – The length of time you can remain in the sun without burning. If your unprotected skin starts burning after 10 minutes, calculate the time by multiplying that by the SpF on your sun product e.g. SpF 30 will give you protection for 10 minutes x 30. Therefore you should be protected for 5 hours.

Keywords: health, Health Care