By: Boston Jap-tech  11-11-2011
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Everyone advertises engines and transmissions, but BOSTON JAPTECH goes one step further. We actually go to Japan, inspect hundreds and thousands of used engines and transmissions and hand pick the finest available! That's right! Your engine means that much to us.

No one knows more than we do about how important it is to install a quality engine or gearbox. We have chosen thousands of engines and gearboxes for many satisfied customers. Lessons learned from 18 years of selling engines have taught us how to choose a quality engine. We know that you depend on the reliability of the engine and transmission in your vehicle and we do too! Let us choose your next engine and transmission.

Our "quality control process" makes our used engines and transmissions the best overall value you can buy. We put our 18 years of experience and our reputation on the line with every engine we sell!


We import low mileage used Japanese engines and transmissions. Most motors come complete with starter, distributor, alternator, carburetor/fuel injection, and flywheel.

When finding a replacement motor or transmission for your car BOSTON JAPTECH offers you the most selection at the best price!

Seeing is believing. We think our products will change your idea of a used engine.


Due to a rigid inspection system in JAPAN, people tend to buy new vehicles after only few years of use. The used cars are then send off to be cut up for the materials to be recycled.

The engine and transmission is removed and sold to be exported throughout the world.

These engines and transmissions are in perfect running order with low mileages and have no way completed their working lives.

The price of these engines is far lower then the cost of reconditioning your old engine.

Peace of mind that your engine has not been opened or tampered with.

Ease of installing the engine.

You will have a newer low mileage engine in your vehicle, thus enhancing the value of your vehicle.

Your vehicle can be back on the road within 12 hours – cutting your down time and increasing productivity.

Your old engine you keep for spare parts.

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