By: The Circle Group  11-11-2011

Our clients benefit directly by the technology employed by the Circle Group. Our services are guaranteed to be :

  1. Suitable & convenient
  2. Affordable
  3. Accurate

The Circle Group is presently the only company to achieve all three the above without compromise.
We have a unique management information system that allows for:

Suitable and convenient: All our client services can be paid with a single payment.

Affordable:  Overhead-costs are limited by utilizing cost effective technology. Tariffs of the supply authority are applied without increase.

Accurate:  Metered items are audited during each invoice run. Our information system prohibits invoicing where the meter reading is not in line with previous readings as well as transactions where the energy sold in a property complex does not correspond to the energy supplied to the complex.

The service charge of the Circle Group [for providing these services] is lower than the industry average. Clients can further reduce their service charge by making use of the unique (client) interactive solution.  

Circle Electrical is constantly investigating and investing in new technology to improve the level of service to our clients. The following is already available:

  • Online account details update (self service)
  • Online statement review and print
  • Online Incident creation (query)
  • Duplicate invoices and statements can be e-mailed to clients.
  • Payment can be made at banks countrywide

The following technological solutions will be available in the near future:

  1. Online invoice retrieval
  2. Online reading submission
  3. Direct payment through a safe and secure online “Credit card” solution.