Lie Detection: LVA Incident Investigation Interviews

Lie Detection: LVA Incident Investigation Interviews from Xact Analysis - Truth & Lie Detection

By: Xact Analysis - Truth & Lie Detection  11-01-2010
Keywords: Investigation Services, lie detection, Truth Verification

Truth verification services are provided by doing voice analysis through computer technology.


A subject’s speech is used as input to identify different voice properties. Psychophysiology, the scientific discipline devoted to the study of the interrelationships between the physiological and psychological aspects of behaviour, provides the code that detects various levels of stress, cognitive processes and emotional reactions in voice properties.

LVA differentiates between deception and other types of stress such as excitement, confusion, emotional stress, cognitive stress or circumstantial stress. LVA is capable of detecting the intention behind a lie, and by doing so can lead you to identifying and revealing the lie itself.   LVA analyses the entire vocal spectrum, including high, medium and low frequencies. Individual differences in speech characteristics can be identified and used to formulate an opinion regarding the subject’s credibility.   LVA also detects levels of tension, rejection, fear, embarrassment and attempts to outsmart or answer cynically or even the subject’s level of thinking. LVA also measures the willingness of the subject to answer using the Say or Stop (S.O.S) parameter. The use of deception patterns also increases the accuracy with which deception is detected.   LVA is NOT Voice Stress Analysis (VSA) or Computerised Voice Stress Analysis (CVSA) and is not based on any micro tremor analysis at all. It was specifically designed to overcome all problems encountered with the micro tremor technologies. 

Keywords: Investigation Services, lie detection, Lie Detection Services, lie detector tests, Truth Verification

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