Integrity iMOC

By: Pas  11-11-2011

An Intelligent MOC Solution
A universal concern with MOC systems in use today is that they are time-consuming and costly as they are either implemented using paper-based forms, or electronic versions of paper forms. With these systems, simple tasks, such as gathering approvals, can be very time consuming.

Integrity iMOC™ is an intelligent management of change solution specifically designed for automation systems. As an Integrity-enabled application, it takes full advantage of PAS’ Integrity ™ software and provides the following capabilities:
  • Minimizes search for information and analysis time by automatically creating an up-to-date documentation package at the start of an MOC case
  • Accurately tracks configuration changes for over 50 different automation systems and their Microsoft® Windows-based servers
  • Expedites the MOC workflow by automatically routing approval requests to appropriate approvers and following up
  • Detects and reports unauthorized changes made to automation systems
  • Provides automatic reconciliation of changes with approved MOC cases

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