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By: Za Domains  11-11-2011

What did this tell me? That people were looking for ideas of what to give their family/friends and that they needed guidance. If I could give them the ideas and direct them to a shop where I could earn, then I would be onto a good thing.

Now that I had selected the correct domain for the project, identified the affiliate programs I am going to use and selected the theme that gives me the functionality I need, I need to add both products and content.

Each product is entered by hand and a portion of the content is written by hand. This is a tedious process but from past experience I know that the long term success of the site depends on me offering unique content. The reason being that they will keep on giving, month after month.

The site is constantly having new products entered and I hope to have it sufficiently populated to take advantage of  Valentines day coming up.

Let me know what you think and feel free to offer any criticism.