Change Management and Communications

Change Management and Communications from Up-Time Consulting

By: Up-Time Consulting  10-14-2010
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Change Management is not the goal in itself: it is a means to an end, and the end is an improvement in an organisation’s performance. It is about effectively managing a process that will lead to an environment where an improvement in performance are realised.

Successful Change projects will identify and communicate the vision, letting the employees know they are expected and empowered to play an active role in realising the planned benefits.

We believe that Change Management should provide a structured approach. Our approach, as accredited and licensed Prosci agents, ensures that templates and toolkits enable an integrated, holistic and aligned Change Strategy as opposed to potentially remaining a collection of arbitrary Change Management interventions.

Why our Change Management & communication approach is different?

We save you time and money
We focus on managing the individual emotional dimension of change using the ADKAR model. This is because people are emotional beings. You have to be able to predict and manage people’s emotions if you want to deliver a change programme quickly and cost effectively. Our approach helps anticipate the emotional reactions of stakeholders, allowing pre-emptive action to be taken to minimise the risk of delay.

We help you ensure the changes ’stick’
We help you understand how to tailor your communications and processes in order to gain the most impact. This helps you build support and reduce any negative impact on the pace, direction and ‘stickability’ of the change.

We build capability in your organisation to manage change
We build people’s capability to manage change by appointing internal change agents. We can provide you with a ‘toolkit’ of practical techniques and approaches which can be used on an ‘as required’ basis. This limits reliance on external consultants and gives you the flexibility to respond to the changes as they happen.

Keywords: change, Change Management, Consulting, Management, Organisational Change, Performance Management, Project Management