CSE Solutions - Workforce Management

By: Payg  11-11-2011
Keywords: Customer Service, Call Centre, Call Centres

Key to efficiency in a call centre is Workforce Management. Indeed, WFM systems provide contact centres with the highest return on investment of any technology category. While in Europe 80-90% of call centres have deployed WFM, just 20-30% of South African companies do.

We at Customer Service Engineering are not a bunch of fanatics demanding that staff be chained to their desks and dismissed as soon as the make an error.  We are fanatical about scientifically measuring inputs and outcomes, and making informed rational decisions based on reliable Business Intelligence.

WFM drives productivity improvement by reducing costs related to staff, administration and IT, whilst enhancing the quality of your call centre agent’s work. Some of the benefits include:

  • Increased efficiency of your operations, as agent planning is always based on workforce needs
  • Reduced personnel costs because overstaffing, unnecessary overtime and unproductive downtime are avoided
  • Improved productivity and motivation of employees because they are involved in the planning process, their preferences regarding working times are taken into account, and time consuming administrative processes are automated
  • Reduced management costs because processes are streamlined, paper-based activities are largely eliminated and error-prone manual corrections and calculations are avoided
  • Lower costs for IT because existing infrastructure is used and CSE’s systems can be centrally managed

Keywords: Call Centre, Call Centres, Customer Service, Workforce Management