Minigeza - How To Care For Your Minigeza (Mini Geyzer)

By: MiniGeza  01-20-2011
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Proper care of the MiniGEZA will result in reliable performance and service. The following is recommended:

·         The outer casing should regularly be cleaned with a soft cloth and mild soapy water.  Include the cable and plug top, which at the time of cleaning should be inspected for damage.  Do not use a unit with a damaged cord of plug top.

·         Many areas have water containing lime and other minerals.  This builds scale on the electric element, forming a heat barrier causing poor performance and possible failure of the element.  Proprietary de-scaling products are available but ordinary white or brown vinegar can be used with clean water in the ratio of 1 part vinegar to 4 parts water or 150 grammes of citric acid to 1 litre of clean water.  To remove scale, boil the unit in either of the above solutions for 30 minutes.  Generally this procedure should be used about once every 12 months, but if, on inspection, white/brown scale can be seen on the element it can be done more often.  No part of the unit will be damaged by this procedure and ratios.

·         After cleaning as above, wash the unit completely in clean water and discard the vinegar or citric acid solutions.

·         Always remove the unit from water when not in use and switch unit on or off only when it is fully submersed in water.

·         Use only clean water while the unit is submersed.  Add chemicals, such as detergents or washing powder, only after heating and withdrawal of the unit from the water.

·         After use, store the unit carefully in a safe place.

·         Keep out of reach of children and animals.

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