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By: MiniGeza  01-20-2011
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About the minigeza (Mini Geyser)


Patent number 2003/8123
Design Patents DA2001/1053 & DF2001/1054

A shrouded element attached to a cable and moulded plug operates on any 230 volt 50Hz electrical system or equivalent elsewhere worldwide.

It will produce “The cheapest Hot water... Ever!”

It heats water:

 - Very quickly (patent booster)
 - Meets safety standards
 - Easy to use
 - Extremely economical
 - Anywhere - anytime
 - Use any container - Basins, Wash tubs, Buckets, Drums, etc.

The MiniGEZAis the cheapest way of obtaining domestic hot water. It includes the heating element, cable, plug, protective shroud, patented properties and safety control switch.

Efficiency - It is widely accepted that the MiniGEZAout-performs other non-shrouded elements because of the convection it creates in the shroud and the resultant speedier heating of the water. The efficiency of the MiniGEZAwill be greatly enhanced if the container has a cover/lid.

Twenty litres of tap water can be heated in roughly 12 to 18 minutes.

Convenience - Primarily because of its portability, unique patented shroud and sealing system, theMiniGEZAstands way out in front of other heating methods.

Safety - The MiniGEZAmust be used FULLY immersed in water at all times without any fear of harm/danger. It is IEC 335 SAFETY STANDARD approved. The cable and sleeve should be handled carefully and are not to be used when damaged. A cut-out switch has also been added to further enhance safety.

Reliability - TheMiniGEZAis powered by a specially made electric element. It is a tried and tested product that should deliver reliable service when used as per instructions.

Hygiene - The MiniGEZAis effective for heating water in both urban and rural areas for general cleansing and hygiene.

The MiniGEZAwater heater is eminently suitable in preventing the spread of potentially life-threatening diseases, such as Cholera, to millions who are exposed to it, but correctly raising the temperature of the infected water.

General - The MiniGEZA can be operated in any position, provided it is always FULLY under water and correctly earthed. Only switch ON and OFF when the unit is completely immersed.

Maintenance - TheMiniGEZAoperation is maintenance-free.

Warranty - Any ‘factory defective’ MiniGEZAwill be replaced free of charge.

It is warranted against factory defect.  Opening the unit, tampering with it or abusing it in any way, will invalidate the warranty.

The warranty is limited to the equivalent replacement of a faulty unit, provided it has been correctly used and maintained in terms of these instructions.

It excludes incidental or consequential damages or any other claims of any kind whatsoever.

·         The correct voltage supply is 230 V - 50Hz.  The unit draws 9 Amps.

·         The electrical supply must be to legally approved standards, in correct working order.

·         The unit must be earthed at all times.

·         The supply cord is not replaceable.  If it is damaged in any way, the unit must be discarded.

·         Always have the unit fully immersed in water before switching electric power on or off.

·         Disconnect and remove the unit from the water when not in use.

·         Always keep the unit clean by wiping with a wet soapy cloth.  Do not use solvents.

·         The unit has safety cut-out devices.  If it is operated without water it will automatically switch off.  Should this happen, allow the unit to cool for 15 minutes before using it again.

·         The unit should only be used in clean water.

·         The unit can be used in any container sufficient to entirely submerse it and be of a material able to tolerate hot and boiling water.

·         Observe all normal safety precautions and keep unit out of reach of children

·         The appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety.

·         Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance.

·         The immersion heater is to be unplugged before removing from the liquid.

The heating element will remain hot after unplugging and should not be touched or placed on combustible surfaces.

Proper care of the MiniGEZAwill result in reliable performance and service. The following is recommended:

·         The outer casing should regularly be cleaned with a soft cloth and mild soapy water.  Include the cable and plug top, which at the time of cleaning should be inspected for damage.  Do not use a unit with a damaged cord of plug top.

·         Many areas have water containing lime and other minerals.  This builds scale on the electric element, forming a heat barrier causing poor performance and possible failure of the element.  Proprietary de-scaling products are available but ordinary white or brown vinegar can be used with clean water in the ratio of 1 part vinegar to 4 parts water or 150 grammes of citric acid to 1 litre of clean water.  To remove scale, boil the unit in either of the above solutions for 30 minutes.  Generally this procedure should be used about once every 12 months, but if, on inspection, white/brown scale can be seen on the element it can be done more often.  No part of the unit will be damaged by this procedure and ratios.

·         After cleaning as above, wash the unit completely in clean water and discard the vinegar or citric acid solutions.

·         Always remove the unit from water when not in use and switch unit on or off only when it is fully submersed in water.

·         Use only clean water while the unit is submersed.  Add chemicals, such as detergents or washing powder, only after heating and withdrawal of the unit from the water.

·         After use, store the unit carefully in a safe place.

·         Keep out of reach of children and animals.

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