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By: Kofifi Thusano  11-11-2011
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Kofifi Thusano strives to remain a leader in utilizing the latest in waste management technology for the storage and processing of waste, which boasts a transport fleet capable of collection, removal and disposal of waste stored in the following receptacles:
  • Static Compactors & BinsThe onsite unit compacts waste an a ratio of approximately 4:1.
    This is an ideal method of waste management often used by shopping centres, casinos & large office and industrial complexes.
    In addition, Kofifi Thusano offers attractive finance packages to assist customers
  • All Sizes and Dimensions of Skip Type Bins / ContainersNon Compactible Waste
    Builder's rubble, garden refuse, metal, wood, drums and waste streams from manufacturing processes. The bin is removed and then returned if required.Compactible Waste
    Any soft materials, paper, packaging materials and wet waste. This bin is emptied at the site.
  • 240 Litre Type Bins, on WheelsThis service provides the Customer with an ideal storage receptacle. They are hygienic, mobile and perfect for waste storage both inside buildings and outside.
  • BagsThis service can be used in conjunction with the 240 Litre bins or can be provided on its own. Waste is placed into plastic bags.

Also Suppliers Of
Odour control systems
Refuse bags
Cleaning services
Confidential document destruction

Our fleet comprises of the following "specialised" vehicles:
  • 11m3 - 21m3 Compactor Vehicles
    Compactable Waste
    Any soft materials - paper, packaging materials and wet waste. The bin is emptied on site and not rotated.
  • 30 Ton Roll On - Roll Off / Hook Vehicles
  • 12 & 9 Ton Lift-On Lugger Vehicles
    Non Compactable Waste
    Builders rubble, garden refuse, metal, wood, drums and waste generally generated from the manufacturing process. The bin is replaced at every collection.
  • 6 Ton Volume Vehicles
  • LDV Vehicles

Keywords: Packaging Materials, Vehicles, Waste, Waste Management