Install a generator and be prepared for Eskom’s power outages

By: Igenerator  11-11-2011
Keywords: backup power, Petrol Generator, Electricity Generators

In 2007 and 2008 we were warned that there would be rolling blackouts and power outages, but few took heed of these warnings from ESKOM by installing an electricity generator, preferring to take a wait and see attitude.

The result of the first few power outages was a rush on generator providers previously not experienced resulting in many suppliers running out of generators and companies suffering in some cases devastating losses.

As suppliers of generators, office equipment and PABX systems to large corporate companies as well as SME businesses we saw firsthand the effects of the power outages, not only in lost business due to telephones and printers not functioning, but the damage caused to the equipment and networks during these outages.

The most commonly damaged equipment caused by not having a backup generator  were PABX systems which had cards blown due to the electrical surges and the systems not being adequately protected against surges.

Network issues resulting in printers and copiers needing to be re-installed on the networks. Technicians were run off their feet dealing with these networking issues.

Servers damaged due to the energy spikes resulting in costly equipment repairs or replacement and the time to reinstate data.

Pay point and lighting systems not functioning in retail stores caused the stores to close and resulted in many man hours restoring equipment settings let alone the lost revenue.

Your business cannot afford to be without a backup power supply in an environment where we have been warned that there will be electricity shortages over the next 3 to 5 years.

Businesses are able to rent generators on a long term basis, much like your copiers or PABX systems. This allows your business to write of the capital amount and not be lumbered with unexpected capital expenditure which could be better used growing the business.

The fact is that an alternative power source like a diesel or petrol generator has become a necessary piece of equipment to ensure the smooth running of your business.

Clients who chose to prepare for the worst and installed backup electricity generators with AMF(automatic mains fail) systems saw no interruption in their business processes and in some cases recorded a uptick in business where competitor clients were unable to raise the company they were usually serviced by.

Prepare your business by installing a electrical generator which will not make use of your working capital and be prepared for the worst possible scenario.

Keywords: backup power, Electricity Generators, Petrol Generator

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