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By: Igenerator  11-11-2011

With the addition of biodiesel and ethanol to the fuel chain contamination has increased considerably and has now become the biggest cause of engine failure.

Microbial growth is responsible for filter plugging, injector blockage, poor running, increased emissions and black smoke and the necessity for shorter service intervals costing $millions in increased man hours and additional filters and injectors not to mention lost working hours and the risks associated with catastrophic failures of generators and fire pumps.

There is also the green issue, we are all concerned about our environment and the pollutants we pump into it and the cost to future generations, biocides widely used to combat microbial contamination in fuel can contain some extremely hazardous chemicals some of which do not burn but rather sit in the atmosphere, chemicals like formaldehyde which is known to cause cancer.

Our FuelMag units are completely free from chemicals, the bacteria is controlled naturally, there is no waste to dispose of no additional maintenance, no filter to change in the unit, you simply fit the FuelMag in the fuel line between the tank and the primary filter and that’s it.

Your maintenance schedules will once again be back to normal.

Please visit out web site www.purefueltechnologies.com to find out more.

We are currently looking for agents and distributors throughout Africa and can offer good margins along with excellent support and back up.

This is a problem that will not be going away, please take a look at the attached Tyco leaflet to their customers outlining their concerns with microbial contamination. They are acting now to control the problems before a potential catastrophic failure costing not only business but potentially costing lives as well.

The information in this article was current at 08 Nov 2011

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