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By: Grant Allen - Psychometrist  01-02-2011
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Standard Psychometric Assessment

A standard psychometric assessment has 3 components:

Personality Testing: This looks at the candidate’s personality functioning within the workplace, which includes whether they prefer to work alone, or as part of a team; whether they are imaginative and creative in their problem solving, of if they are more practically and logically inclined; their capacity to lead others; their stress tolerance and resilience;whether they are socially out-going, or shy and reserved; their like or dislike of change and variety; their ability to gain social skills through experience; impulsivity vs. emotional control, etc.

Integrity Testing: This is a type of personality testing that looks at those factors which influence honesty, reliability, conscientiousness, diligence, task completion, control of temper, and optimism about the future at work. This type of testing is structured so as to make it very difficult to provide only sociably desirable responses, and is an important addition to standard personality assessment for this reason.

Cognitive or other skills: Standard testing would look at fluid reasoning, which is assessed using culture fair and non-verbal pattern completion type tasks. This testing yields an indication of whether the candidate can think on their feet, solve new and unusual problems, and the level of complexity of work that they could comfortably manage. It is also possible to test other skills if needed, such as verbal reasoning, analytical thinking, or even typing, filing, bookkeeping, etc.

Testing can be modified and expanded upon if necessary, depending on the role’s requirements. Standard testing takes 1 and a half to 2 hours to complete. A written report on results is available within 48 hours.

Keywords: Human Resource Management, Human Resources, Personnel Recruitment, Psychometric Testing, recruitment

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