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By: Foodstate  11-11-2011

The pH or acid-alkali balance of the body has an impact on almost every aspect of health and wellness. The body functions more efficiently in an alkaline environment, although the digestive system and metabolic processes are acid producing. The waste therefore needs to be neutralized or balanced so it can be safely eliminated from the body without damaging tissues and organs that are responsible for detoxifying the body. Acidity is a major factor in congestion and inflammation, it weakens the immune system and aggravates most chronic conditions. Internal biochemical factors can combine to alter pH, but in most cases it is dietary factors and stress that imbalance the pH of the human body. pH-State supplies FoodState nutrients and other electrolytes that help balance pH therefore decreasing the risk of the development of chronic conditions, giving more energy, better sleep, and making it easier to maintain proper body weight and metabolism.

FoodState Calcium complex 400mg, Magnesium complex 167mg, Potassium 12.8mg, Phosphorus 30mg; Potassium bicarbonate 200mg; Potassium citrate 250mg; Alfalfa 500mg; Lactitol 1000mg.

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Betacarotene 5mg, Vitamin C 125mg, Vitamin E 25iu, Zinc 3mg, Selenium 35?g; Bioflavonoids 200mg; Ginkgo biloba 200mg; Omega 3 fatty acids 100mg; Grape seed extract 100mg; Arginine Pyroglutamate 50mg; Bilberry 50mg; Phosphatidyl serine 50mg; Lycopene 20mg; Coenzyme Q10 2mg. Paradoxically, oxygen is essential for life, vitality and youth, while its use in the body's normal processes creates chemicals known as ?free radicals.


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Foodstate believes that good, balanced nutrition is always essential and that some nutrients are more important than others for certain conditions. This guide is not intended to claim or indicate any therapeutic advantage for the products represented as they are nutritional supplements. This document is not intended to contradict, replace or supercede advice given or medication prescribed by a medical professional.