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By: Fine Art Portfolio  11-11-2011
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Abstract Art for Sale

In abstract art there are simply no limits. Each of the major art movements has, over time, embraced the freedom of portraying a subject in a highly personalised manner.

The Expressionists, for instance, employ bold brushstrokes and a startling use of colour to make brave statements reflecting our ever changing world, while Cubists are more intent on creating images in strong geometric patterns.

Art lovers in South Africa are therefore able to buy abstract art that falls into a favoured style or genre. A leading exponent of abstract art in South Africa, Yoka Wright uses shapes, textures and colour to create her highly desirable originals in mixed media, while Simon Addy produces fantastical landscapes in flamboyant colours reminiscent of the great Fauvists.

How to Buy Abstract art

At Fine Art Portfolio we showcase a comprehensive collection of abstract art by established and emerging artists. Some, such as Anthony Gadd, Candice Dawn B and Michael Heyns, practice partial abstraction. Although the subject remains wholly recognisable, the use of colour, line and the simplicity of design create an image that is partly removed from reality.

Others – Billy Molokeng, , Katherine Wood, Margot Hattingh and Yoka Wright – embrace total abstraction and craft wonderful works of art that tease and excite the imagination.

The trick to buying an authentic piece of abstract art is to identify an artist, art movement or art category that resonates with your soul. Should you be captivated by Africa's wildlife but are not an admirer of the photo-realistic style, poignant works by Candice Dawn B may well catch the eye.

If warm, earthy colours and tidy, distinctive shapes calm the mind, then Mauro Chiarla's abstract portraits in oil are likely to meet your requirements!

Browse the abstract art for sale at the Fine Art Portfolio, enlarge the images that appeal to you, and then invest in an authentic and original artwork crafted by some of the leading exponents of abstract art in South Africa.

Keywords: Abstract Art, Art For Sale, Fine Art Portfolio