Base Station Management Tool- DataAssist Asset Management Module

By: Edge Consulting  11-11-2011


DataAssist Asset Management Module uses GSM Telemetry to provide businesses information about their assets. This includes the remote measuring of physical dimensions such as weight, temperature, position, speed, power, volume and wet / dry conditions.

The DataAssist Asset Management Module was build to view and manage operating criteria that pertains to reading the measurements sent by the site controller that is connected to a modem and display them in the form of system indicators on the PC monitor.

Dashboards with gauges and information associated with a particular site controller can be viewed and maintained. It is possible to concentrate a number of measurements from the selected site controller at a given time, on the same page.

  • Security
    • Adding and deleting Users
    • User groups
  • Master configuration of device properties
  • Controller templates for device allocation and setup
  • Geography - adding geographical areas
  • Adding sites
  • Providing a global view of all sites
  • Drilling to and viewing individual sites by
    • Site view
    • All sites status
    • Maps
    • Charts
    • Actions

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